Welcome to Cell City!

Explore the wonderful city of cells!

Come to the City hall! Also known as the Nucleus!

At the City Hall, you can see how the mayor takes action over the city, and how the nulceus take power over the cell for the greater good!
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Come and see the beautiful mural that wraps around the city, it is also known as the cell membrane!

At the Mural, there are so many beautiful things you can see. The artists of Cell

city have collaborated to complete this wonderful piece of art! It protects our city and controls in what comes in and out of Cell city!

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Look around you! From Skyscrapers to the smallest bush in the bunch, they are all apart of the Cytoplasm!

In the Cytoplasm, there are so many places to explore! You can travel around the whole City! And you won't believe what you will find! And there are so many places to go!
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You can watch construction workers, or the ribosomes, work together to build what the people envision for Cell city!

The construction workers of our city work very hard to accomplish what new and exciting things that the people and the mayor want for their beautiful city! Whatever the people want for their city, they can surely build it for you!
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When you circle the cytoplasm, make sure to stop and see our hard working factories at the Mitochondria!

The factories in Cell City make so many things to provide for our city! The factories we have here we call the powerhouses of Cell city!
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Parts Of A Cell!

Cell Membrane - Protects and controls what comes in and out of the cell

Ribosomes - makes proteins from DNA directions

Nucleus - tells cells what to do through the DNA of the cell

Cytoplasm - holds organelles and place for chemical reactions

Mitochondria - carries out cellular respiration which provides energy

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Watch a short video!

Anatomy of the Cell