Final Exam Tips and Tricks

From Mrs. Moller


As you begin to study for finals, try Quizlet. It allows you to create your own flashcards (after you register of course).

Mrs. Moller’s Top Five List for Taking the Final Exam

  1. Easy questions usually precede hard ones.
  2. Don't change an answer unless you're sure you made an error.
  3. Read the words in the question carefully. Be sure to answer the question asked and not the question you recall from a practice test.
  4. Don't spend too much time on any one question.
  5. Watch the time! Your test has a time limit.

Don't Forget

At the end of the semester, all class work must be submitted prior to the time period the final exam is available. Thus, if final exams begin Wednesday of the last week of school, all other assignments which can still be accepted based on course schedule due dates, except the final exam, must be submitted by Tuesday of the last week of school.

When can I take my exam?

Final exams are this week!!! You will have access to the final exam(s) starting Wednesday, May 4th @ 12:00 am. It must be completed no later than Thursday, May 5th @ 11:59 pm. All portions of the exam must be completed (and submitted) by this time! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!