Dear Diet Diva

Dieting with Healthy Skin

Dear, Diet Skin

My name is Sally. I have recently started my diet. I am unsure if it is the food that I am eating, but I've noticed I've recently had very little energy and my skin has been getting dry, even after I put on lotion. Are there any tips you can give me to help this problem?

Dear Sally

I understand that you have concerns with your diet and how it is affecting your skin and how much energy you have. Before you choose a new eating plan, research on the foods and drinks you are planning on using and how they will effect your skin. Although you feel that you have prepared I start your diet you may have overlooked the effect it has on your complexion. An example that will help the problems that you are facing are going gluten free for 2 weeks and see if your energy and skin improve. Make sure to keep in touch with your doctor so if anything goes wrong he/she can hopefully stop the problem before it is able to go to extremes.

Jade Onuoha and Cassidie Patterson

We are committed to helping you with any skins problems you may have.