Padbury Newsletter

Issue #17 - 31 October 2019

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1 November 2019 - Feast Day: All Saints / Icy Pole Day / Year 5 Prayer Assembly @ 2:30pm

2 November 2019 - Feast Day: All Souls

4 November 2019 - Pupil Free Day

5 November 2019 - Catholic Day Pupil and Staff Free Day

8 November 2019 - Kindy Wallaby & Gecko 2020 Parent Session @ 10am / Merit Award Assembly @ 2:30pm

11 November 2019 - Remembrance Day Assembly Year 2 @ 11am / Kindy Gecko 2020 Student Orientation @ 1:45pm

12 November 2019 - Year 1 Liturgy @ 11:15am / Kindy Wallaby 2020 Student Orientation @ 1:45pm

13 November 2019 - Year 6 Grandparent's Day @ 11:30am / Board Meeting @ 5:15pm

15 November 2019 - Icy Pole Day / Interschool Cricket

17 November 2019 - PCPS Family Mass OLM Church @ 9:30am


Dear Parents

On 1 November it is the feast of All Saints whereby we honour all of our saints and the great inspiration they are for us all. On the 2 November is the feast of All Souls whereby we pray for all those who have passed away and hold their memories close to our hearts. This afternoon we celebrated a whole school mass in honour of these feast days and on Friday the Year Five classes will lead us through a special Prayer Assembly with this theme. Please come and join us.

Congratulations to our Year Three children as they celebrated the Sacrament of Penance last Tuesday evening at Our Lady of the Missions Church. It was a beautiful celebration and I am so proud of the way the children were so respectful and reverent whilst receiving the sacrament. It was so lovely to see many family members also going to Reconciliation as well. Thank you to the Year Three teachers Mrs Randazzo, Mrs Bastow and Mrs Holness for preparing the children so beautifully and to Father Cyprian and all the priests who came along to help. It is important that we remind our children that this is not a ‘one off’ sacrament and we need to encourage them to receive this sacrament on a regular basis so that they can deepen their relationship with Jesus and ask him to help them make good choices in their daily lives.

On Monday 11 November at 11:15am Year Two will be leading us in a Prayer Service for Remembrance Day in our school hall. Over one hundred years ago on 11 November 1918, four years of conflict came to an end. Almost 62,000 Australians died fighting for our freedom and in service of our nation. Please keep all those who have fought or died serving our country, in your prayers.


Our school will be celebrating a second PCPS Family Mass on Sunday 17 November at Our Lady of the Missions Church at 9:30am. Please mark the date in your diary. We would love for as many families as possible to come and celebrate this special liturgy and are looking for children and family members to read, play music, altar serve, help with collections etc. Following mass there will be morning tea. There will be rehearsals after school on Friday 8 November and Tuesday 12 November. Please see the newsletter for further details. Big thanks to Kate Allen for co ordinating this mass with the assistance of Nat Bullen, Gisela Boston, Emma Marpole and Rafaela Rogers. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Last Friday was World Teachers Day and each and every one of our staff members are ‘teachers’ as we all teach, nurture, encourage and support our children in all that we do whether we are in the classroom, out on the sporting field or in the office. I thank our outstanding staff for all their commitment, dedication, patience, sense of humour and positivity. It is a pleasure and privilege working with them all and we are truly blessed to have our children in their care. Thank you to the P&F who acknowledged the great work that our staff do on a daily basis and have organized a grazing board and refreshments for them to enjoy.

Earlier in the year I applied for government funding through the National School Chaplaincy Programme. The funding can be used for the provision of chaplaincy services to support the emotional wellbeing of students by providing pastoral care services and strategies that support the emotional wellbeing of the broader school community (please note this is not a chaplain as in we understand it to be Catholic schools, it has a different meaning in regards to this programme). I was successful with the funding and hence we have been able to secure a chaplaincy worker (social worker) as of 2020. Please make Mrs Ali Fisher welcome to PCPS next year as she joins us once a week on Mondays. Our chaplaincy worker can assist with the following pastoral care areas, plus more: Dealing with separation and family conflict; Grief and loss; Child protection; Refusal to attend school; Behavioural concerns at school or at home; Bullying issues; Cybersafety; Building resiliency and self-esteem; Learning to express feelings and emotions; Managing anger; Peer problems at school; Establishing positive friendships; Conflict resolution; Respecting differences; Dealing with anxieties and fears; Organise welfare assistance and information for families in financial distress; Support the implementation of the Rainbows Grief and Loss programme; Assist with Protective Behaviour programme; Facilitate small group work; Make referrals to other professionals; organise guest speakers/workshops for children/parents/staff etc

Staffing 2020 update: Please make welcome the following temporary teachers next year as they join Padbury CPS – Miss Emily Buckingham; Ms Rebecca Vester; Mrs Kathryn Carter. We had a large number of applications for positions which indicates we are a school of choice and these new staff members will bring many varied and wonderful skills and experience into PCPS. Please also welcome Mrs Ali Fisher who will joining our school in the role of social worker.

Our Pre-Kindy (Three-Year-Old) 2020 programme running on Tuesdays next year is full. We will be running a Thursday session from Term Two as long as we have viable numbers. If you have any queries regarding the programme, please check the school website or contact the school office and speak with Helen to enrol your child. If you If you have friends or neighbours with children who would be ready for a Three-Year-Old, please encourage them to enrol.

There are vacancies in Kindergarten for 2021. If you know of anyone looking for a position, please recommend our beautiful school.

Letters have been sent to all of the incoming students for Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten for 2020. If you did not receive your letter, please contact the school office. The following dates and times are for the Parent Meetings and Student Orientation sessions to be held in the next few weeks:

Pre-Kindy 2020 Parent Meeting & Orientation

2 December 9:30-10:30am

in the Pre-Kindy classroom

Kindergarten 2020 Parent Meeting

8 November 10am in the library

Kindergarten 2020 Orientation

Kindy Gecko 11 November 1:45pm

Kindy Wallaby 12 November 1:45pm

Our P&F is as busy as ever with the PCPS Parents Christmas party coming up soon. Thank you to Taryn Smith for organising this end of year celebratory event for everyone. Look out for details in the newsletter and Parent Facebook Page. Annette Harvey and team are ready for Icy Pole days this term. I know the children really look forward to these treats. On 16 November the EFL is organising a Fishing Day. It promises to be lots of fun so please keep an eye out for further details.

The teachers are very grateful of the wonderful work of parent helpers in the classroom. Just a reminder to all parents that the classroom teacher is responsible for the children’s education and monitoring the behaviour of the children. All parent helpers work under the teacher’s direction, the latter being in a professional role. The school expects parents to respect the teacher’s expertise and maintain a professional attitude as they work alongside the teacher. The teacher will make it very clear exactly what is expected of parents when they come to help. The school stresses the importance of being professional and it insists that parents do not discuss details of any child’s academic achievements or social/emotional behaviour outside the classroom. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding your own child please speak with your classroom teacher.

The School Board would like to thank those families who have paid their school fees and are up to date. Should you have any outstanding fees, please pay these immediately. As per the school fee policy, the School Board Finance Committee may take action to recover any unpaid fees through a debt collection agency which may in turn affect your future credit ratings. There are a number of methods in which families at the school can pay their school fees. These include: credit card; EFTPOS, cash, cheque, direct debit and internet banking. Please see the Finance Officer, Mrs Denise Davis at the school office for further details.

The Annual General Meeting for the P&F and School Board and Volunteers Supper will be held on Wednesday 27 November in the school hall, commencing at 6:30pm.

Reasons you should come to the AGM:

· Show your support of the hard working School Board and P&F

· There will be a brief review of 2019 School Board and P&F activities

· Office bearers for the Board and P&F will be elected

· 2020 staffing will be announced. You will find out your child’s year group teachers for 2020

· 2020 school fees will be presented

· Focus areas for 2020 will be shared by the Board and P&F

· As a special thank you to all volunteers who have assisted in any way throughout the year such as P&F, Board, reading rosters, excursions, covering books, craft and the list goes on and on…You are invited to our Volunteers Supper. It is our way of saying thank you for all that you do at PCPS

· Please rsvp your attendance for the AGM below:

Padbury CPS AGM

Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 6:30pm

School Hall

Annual General Meeting for the Padbury CPS School Board and P&F.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Our P&F Executive will be continuing in their roles as they were only elected last year. Therefore we have no vacancies for the Executive however if you would like to join as a General Member please complete the nomination form below.

We have three Board members up for renomination next year and they will all be renominating however should there be anyone wishing to nominate for one of these three positions you are welcome to do so. You will need to complete a nomination form (below) and return it to the school office by Friday 15 November. Please click the link below for a nomination form. Voting will then take place on the night of the AGM and candidates will be asked to speak for no longer than a minute in support of their application.

Our carpark has just been renovated with line marking and tree planting coming soon. During the second half of Term 4 we will be commencing our next lot of renovations. The rest of the Administration building will be completed and during the Christmas holidays the junior, middle and upper school toilets will all be completely renovated.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Uniform Survey, we had a great response. The Uniform Committee reviewed the responses and based on this we will introduce the girl’s culottes, with shirts tucked in, as the new winter uniform as of 2020. There will be a three year phase in for the winter uniform before it becomes compulsory.The ‘one uniform’ all year round for girls and boys will be reviewed again at a later stage. Boys uniform remains as is, no changes. Should you have any queries please see Uniform Shop Manageress Kylie Giles.

Kylie Giles, Sally Kelly, Kari Stott and Margaret Williamson (Uniform Committee)

Enjoy the weekend with your family.

Mrs Margaret Williamson





Congratulations and well done to our Year 3 students who very reverently participated in their First Reconciliation last Tuesday night. This was a very special and reverent occasion. Thank you to Mrs Holness, Mrs Bastow and Mrs Randazzo for preparing our students so wonderfully.


Pupil free days reminder

A reminder that next week Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November are pupil free days for students.

Safety Reminder

As the weather continues to improve more and more students are walking and riding to school, which is wonderful. As such, it is timely to speak with your child about road rules and ensuring students are looking both ways and following traffic signals before they cross roads. Could I ask that you speak to your child and remind them about road safety if they walk or ride to school.

In the News

Padbury Catholic was recently featured in the latest edition of CEWA News for the outstanding Year 4 Aboriginal Peoples Exhibition held in Term Three.

Well done Mrs Barry, Mrs Woodall and Year 4! Click here to have a read -

School Photos

We have been advised by Kapture Photography that all sports and/or special team photos taken this year will be removed from their website at the end of this term in readiness for next year’s photography. This is your last chance to view and purchase these photographs. Please visit and access the gallery using our school code; 3QV5X6

This code can also be used to purchase class or individual photographs should you have missed out earlier in the year.

Thought for the Week

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead!

Ryan von Bergheim

Assistant Principal




During the October School holidays, Padbury Catholic Primary School converted to a new Financial System. With the new system, ALL families have been issued a new BPAY Reference Number.

Earlier this term, Families who still had outstanding balances, were emailed a School Fee Statement Update with NEW BPAY REFERENCE numbers.

If you are continuing to pay your 2019 school fees by the BPAY method, please ensure you use the new BPAY reference number.

Families who have paid off their 2019 fees, or have payment plans in place with Direct Debits, or Credit Card deductions are not required to do anything.

Please contact Denise Davis, with any school fee enquiries.

2020 plans

Should your child not be returning to Padbury CPS in 2020 could you please notify the school in writing as soon as possible or download and complete the form below and return to the office. We have some families who are currently on the waiting list and quite keen to enrol their children. (Yr 6 families do not need to send in this form).


This November 17th @ 9.30am, as we head into the Christmas season, Padbury Catholic Primary will host a school mass @ Our Lady of Missions - to be thankful, and to think of others before, and at Christmas time.

LifeLink, the Catholic charity will be launching its Christmas appeal that weekend, helping thousands of West Australians in need each year.

There will be free vanilla ice-cream after the mass at the Glory Be cafe, with just a gold coin donation to LifeLink for extras like various sprinkles, chocolate sauce. So we can all enjoy—and with your little extras, people in need can feel the joy of Christmas too!

Father Cyp will also give the Year 6's a small memento gift and bless them with a bright future as they go onto high school.

Please dress with white to signify a life that appreciates those with less choices and a pure heart.

Volunteers for reading, singers, altar and ice-cream servers, plus more are needed.

Please click

Children's Crossing

We recently received this letter regarding the children’s crossing near Warburton Ave. Please note this is not the crossing near our school however your children may use the Warburton crossing to get to school.

Review of a Type A Children’s crossing

PADBURY: Gibson Avenue near Warburton Avenue

Please be advised that the above children’s crossing is currently being reviewed by the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC).

In order to complete the review two sets of surveys (x2 AM and x2 PM) will be conducted at the location along with a site assessment. Please encourage student pedestrians to utilise the facility so that a true picture of the school community’s needs may be gathered.

On completion of the review a report will be forwarded to the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC) for their consideration and recommendations.

Yours faithfully

J Parson on behalf of the Children’s Crossings & Road Safety Committee

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padbury cps school board

This year the Padbury CPS School Board has been working on defining their purpose, where we have been discussing our role and how we can best serve the Padbury school community. Please find our purpose statement below.



This term has begun with a blooming start! Spring has sprung and we can’t believe how much the children have grown. Such a great opportunity to observe the cycles of plant growth and the importance of the various elements of the sun, wind, water and fire.

Our Kindy classroom has turned into a sprouting house and garden of growth. We have delved into the world of super heroes and the roles they play in supporting us to grow and nurture our self esteem and build groups resiliency.

This term we have been revising our numeracy and literacy concepts and becoming aware of ourselves as role play readers. We are currently planning our very first Kindy excursion by bus and look forward or sharing this experience in our next newsletter.

The Kindy Team


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Congratulations to Zoe Howell from Year 2 who won Silver on developing KATA and Bronze on the KUMITE for 8 years old category at the Western Australia Karate League.

At Shobukan Junior Olympics Championship, Zoe won Silver on the Kata and Gold on the Kumite.


Congratulations to the Hunt family who welcomed a baby girl, Harper Louise Hunt.


Bridget Gibbons (Yr 6) will be competing as a Para athlete in in the 100m and 200m para events in the WA All Schools Athletics Championships this weekend. We wish her all the best. Go Bridget!

Teacher Profiles


Where and when was the impulse or spark given to you to come into teaching/work in schools?

In my family both of my parents, one set of grandparents, one aunty and one uncle have all been teachers throughout their lives. I think I was originally inspired by them as they all had such a positive experience, throughout their primary and high school teaching careers of making a difference in the lives of the children they taught. I always wanted to be a teacher, since I was a child, and had always been told that I possessed natural qualities that could lead me into teaching (if I wished to pursue it!). I was never pushed but knew that was where my calling lay.

What keeps the spark alive years later?

The children and their natural enthusiasm and curiosity. You could absolutely bottle it up! I have taught a range of year levels from little ones to Year 6 and 7 and find that every age group has so much to offer in terms of learning from the children. My own family now, my three girls, laugh at the fact that I’m always finding new ideas to share with my class at school (especially treasures in ‘nature’). I think my brain is just constantly ticking over with ideas and imagination…. I can’t stop it! The spark is natural for me, although the teaching and planning can be demanding, challenging and is constantly evolving.


Where and when was the impulse or spark given to you to come into teaching/work in schools?

My early career started out in the finance world and when I started a family I attended school rosters and enjoyed helping out the classroom. I found the environment warm, friendly and enjoyed working and supporting the children. A friend had a sessional care business and asked me to join. I felt like I wanted to be part of this new opportunity and took it on with gusto! I worked with the 3-5 year old children and loved my new role. During this time I studied and completed my training. Whilst completing my final practicum I was encouraged to apply for a position at Padbury Catholic and since then have embraced this position with much love and commitment.

What keeps the spark alive years later?

Being a long standing member of the community my name is well known and I have seen many families go through. Many times the children will come back to visit and ask is Mrs Sharpe still here. The children have changed over the years and you see them become adults which in itself is a wonderful opportunity to experience. They often reply “Mrs Sharpe you haven’t changed” this confirms that I still have the spark many years later!

There is no greater joy then watching children walking into the classroom with huge smiles on their faces to greet you each day. The sparkle in their eyes when they have learnt something new or made progress with their learning is priceless! To know that we are part of this celebration of life is the biggest reward in this profession and makes everything worthwhile.

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Term 4 Icy Pole Dates

Icy pole days are returning for Term 4, every second Friday starting from Week One (dates will be on the Community calendar).We would love some new volunteers to assist with the roster, if you’re available on Friday afternoons from 12.50-1.50pm please email Annette Harvey (

Gluten free, Peters lemonade icy poles will be available. All ice poles will be $1.20.


Parish AGM: Tuesday 5th November 7.00pm in the Main Hall. All are Welcome. Please come and support your parish and find out what has been going on over the last year.

Playgroup: Every Tuesday and Wednesday 9am – 11am. Please contact Nicole Westneat for Tuesday playgroup on 0411 542 619 and Candace Bristow by text on 0431 759 370 or email for further information.

Parishioners: Wednesday playgroup is asking for any parishioners that are interested in spending some time helping to read to the kids and with other activities to contact Candace on 0431 759 370. A facebook page has been set up with more information, “OLM playgroup”.

Mass Times

Our Lady of The Mission Whitford Parish

270 Camberwarra Drive, Craigie WA 6025

Phone: 9307 2776 I Fax: 9402 4319


Website :

Weekend Masses

Saturday – 8.30am; 6.30pm
Sunday – 8.00am; 9.30am; 11.00am; 5.45pm

Weekday Masses

Monday – 7.00am & 9.00am (Chapel)
Tuesday – 7.00am & 9.00am (Chapel)
Wednesday – 7.00am (Chapel); 9.00am (Church)
Thursday – 7.00am & 9.00am (Chapel)
Friday – 7.00am (Chapel); 9.00am (Church)

Carols By candlelight

Save the date - Parish Carols by Candelight - 1st December


VacSwim 2019-20

Enrol now for VacSwim summer holiday swimming lessons!

With swimming pools and beaches a big part of the Western Australian lifestyle, it’s essential that your children learn how to swim and stay safe in the water. VacSwim is for all children - from beginners to more advanced swimmers. Your children can start as young as five years old. There are over 180 VacSwim locations around Western Australia, so wherever your family is spending these summer holidays, there will be lessons near you.

Enrol your children in VacSwim now at