Milton Hershey=Chocolate King

By Trey Vanderbeek


Milton Hershey is the chocolate king of the world. He accomplished many things. For example he founded Hershey University for orphan boys in 1909 (People thought girls did not need as much education in 1909.) He was born in Hockersville, Pennsylvania. He later moved to Derrychurch PA. Milton Hershey died on October 19,1945.

The Real Milton Hershey

The Real Milton Hershey

His full name is Milton Snavely Hershey and he was born on September 13, 1857 in Hockersville, Pennsylvania. His mother and father were Fanny and Henry Hershey. Henry Hershey was an adventurer, looking for oil in Pennsylvania, digging for gold in Colorado, and anything that he could get rich quick. Henry Hershey moved the family every time he set out on a new adventure, and Fanny did not like this. Fanny wanted to divorce Henry, but her religion did not allow that (Mennonite). So Fanny and Hershey split up.

The first Hershey bar

Hershey's Talent

One of Milton's other talents was that he never give up. For example, in Who was Milton Hershey by James Buckley, Jr., in Chapter 2 summary, The Young Candy Maker, it talks about how Milton kept opening up businesses and kept failing, but never gave up. This shows Hershey never gave up even if his business did not succeed, he kept trying and trying again. Milton's first business that he made in 1876 was Hershey's Candy Shop, on Spring Garden Street, at first his business was booming because of America's 100th anniversary, the place where I put my candy shop was packed. However, I did not make good profit so I had to shut down and had to go home.

Milton's second talent was that he was a very giving man. For example, in Who was Milton Hershey, on page 55, it describes the home that Hershey built for his worker, saying "in Hershey's town, he included parks and theaters, his houses were comfortable and attractive. They had electricity and indoor plumbing. At the time, many American homes didn't have flush toilets." I also have another piece of evidence that Hershey was very giving because on page 79, it says "in 1918, not long after Katherine "Kitty" died (his wife), Milton gave a stock in the Hershey Chocolate company to the Hershey Home for Orphan Boys". Today the school still owns more than 9 billion dollars of Hershey Stock.

Important Moment's

Important Moment's

You may know Milton Hershey's greatest invention - HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE! But what you may not know is Milton's first candy success was the Lancaster Caramel Company. The Lancaster Caramel Company was his first start at making candy. It was a very successful company. So successful that Milton sold it in 1900 for one million dollars.
Hershey's chocolate making process


When I first thought of Milton Hershey was a famous chocolate maker.Now I know he was into making all kinds of candy until he found Hershey's Chocolate. In conclusion Milton Snavely Hershey is The Chocolate King.