World Vision

by Laura De Sousa

how will World Vision keep up and running each day

Well with 46,000 missionares and staff members world vision is always well equiped with lots of helpers, In the 100 contries that there reaching out to.4.3 million children benefit from the care that World Vision gives every day. Even celebrities are putting there effort into helping World Vision for the world to be a better place.
Property Brothers visit India slum | World Vision

who started World Vision

In 1947 Dr.Robert Pierce started World vision in a atempt to make the world a better place for the less fortunet people, and ever since world vision started it has been a christian relief.

Where might World Vision help and what do they do there

World vision helps in almost 100 countries making sure that the countries are equiped with every day needs,like food, clean water, shelter,education and as well as proper health care. then training them to always have the every day essentials that every human being needs to live a healthy and proper life.
How World Vision Works | World Vision

How might World Vision put a stop to these issues that they think are so important

They work in nearly 100 countries and using there special trained missionaries always by there side. And with 60 years of experience they are well equipped with everything that they need to get through the day, and to help the children at no cost will they back down.

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Hope you have enjoyed my presintation and learned that world vision does makes a big diffrence in the world and that without world vision and people like you around the world who sponsor each day these kids would never have a better future not even faith in having one. There for you have changed kids lifes and given them a better life by you and other people helping around the world.

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