My Skills


In the past 4 lessons, we have been editing photos and seeing what we can make out of them. Some go well and look nice but others don't go very well.

Pink Rose

In the photo I have added a new layer and made it black and white. then I used the rubber tool to make the flower pink and the background black and white. This is a level 6 skill.

Rainbow in the Hills

In this photo I have added a new layer then I used the gradient tool and the Russell's rainbow tool to produce the rainbow. Next I used the Gaussian blur tool to made the rainbow seem more realistic. This is a level 5 skill.


These photos were not taken by me, I found them on the internet. I used these photos because they look visually appealing and I thought that I could make something new out of them. I like doing the photos with the black and whit background with on part in colour.