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January 12th, 2018

No School January 19th

A reminder there will be no school on January 19th for the end of 2nd quarter. Please mark your calendars!

PTO Needs You!!

Next Thursday January 18th at 6:00 PM our PTO will be meeting in the Magee library. We would love to see some new faces and people willing to help support Magee School.

Reading Celebration Week

Each year Magee hosts a week long reading celebration week. This year's theme is "Going for the Gold," and will be run at the same time as the WInter Olympics. We will kick off our celebration on February 9th and continue the following week. Students will able to invite a guest reader in during their library time. We look forward to this opportunity to share our excitement about reading with our families!

January Character Trait: Perseverance

This month;s trait is“Perseverance.” Students are reminded daily of trying and trying again even when things get difficult. Strive to reach your goals. Keep your confidence up and feel good about yourself.

Below are some great teaching points for discussion at home:

I always do my best; I strive for excellence.

I am willing to risk failure for a worthy goal.

I am self-disciplined.

I make sure to learn from my mistakes and failures.

I try to see the big picture and think long term.

I set goals and stay focused.

I don't give up just because things seem difficult.

I don't procrastinate.

I think I am / am not a diligent person because: ___________________

Take a moment to talk with your child about these statements!

Title Reading Tip

CAFÉ Strategy: Check for Understanding

Dear Families,

As your child is progressing through the year, we would like to update you with another CAFÉ strategy to reinforce at home. CAFÉ is an acronym that stands for Comprehension (I understand what I read), Accuracy (I can read the words), Fluency (I can read smoothly and understand what I read), and Expanding vocabulary (I know, find, and use interesting words). The strategy introduced is a part of the Comprehension portion of the CAFÉ Menu.

Even as an adult reader, there are times when I am reading a story and I get lost and am not sure what has happened. Fortunately, when this happens, I have strategies I use to help me understand the story. The same thing happens when children read. However, with children they often keep reading and do not realize they lost comprehension until the end of the story. They are too concerned with reading accurately, and forget to take the time to think about what they are reading. How can we help them gain comprehension? We can teach them the comprehension strategy: check for understanding because good readers stop frequently to check for understanding or to ask who and what.

How to help your child with the check for understanding strategy at home:

1. When reading to your child, stop periodically and say, “Let’s see if we remember what I just read. Think about who the story was about and what happened.” Do this 3 or 4 times throughout the story.

2. Ask your child the following questions:

· Who did you just read about?

· What just happened?

· Do you understand what was read?

· What do you do if you don’t remember?

Thank you for your continued support!


Students in Ms. Webster’s and Ms. Kopetsky’s art classes are preparing for the folk dance festival performance on March 23rd. In collaboration with the music department, each grade level will be studying a different country and creating an art project related to the country’s culture. Kindergarteners will be learning about Hawaii, Gr. 1- Israel, Gr. 2-Sweden, Gr. 3-Czechoslovokia, and Grade 4- Mexico. Projects will be on display while the students are performing their dances. Watch for more information coming soon!

Cold weather reminders

As the cold months move in, please make sure your child has a hat, gloves and winter jacket each day. Now that the snow is here, they will need boots and snowpants.

A parent reminder for the cold months: our drop off lane seems to get backed up close to 8:00 when the weather gets colder. I can assume this is because kids don't want to be outside and therefore parents bring them a little bit later. The drop off lane becomes congested and backed up due to this reason. Please try to be in the drop off lane before 7:45 to help with this.

Students getting late to class due to late drop offs is not only disruptive to the class, but also an undue stress on your child.

PLEASE REVIEW our Winter rules with your child. You can click here for the outside rules.

Pick up drop off

A few reminders:

Please have children enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side to avoid having kids walk around cars.

Please pull as far forward to help keep the pick up/drop off lane moving.

Have your child ready to exit the car, hats and gloves on, backpack in hand.

Arrive early. The winter months always lend themselves to people getting to school right at 8:00, causing a back-up in the drop off lane.

Thanks for keeping our kids safe!

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Student Medication

A reminder that all medication must be transported by an adult to and from school. Each medication (prescription and non-prescription) also requires a form to be filled out annually. Here is a link to those forms.

Upcoming events

Jan 15th- 2nd semester milk money due

Jan 18th- PTO

Jan 19th- No School

Jan 22nd- 2nd semester milk starts

Jan 26th- Report cards go home

Jan 29th- 2nd quarter awards

Jan 31st- School wide reward day

Magee Calendar of Events

Schoolwide events can be found here for Magee and the school year calendar is here.

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Shoparoo is free app you can download on your phone and help Magee earn money. It is simple to use, just scan store receipts and you are done!

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