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A Corny Ending to the American Revolution

Artist Bio - James Chin

John Trumbull was an American painter during the American Revolutionary War and he is noted for his historical paintings, including the depiction of the Declaration of the Independence. He sketched paintings of British forts and buildings in Boston as a soldier of the Revolutionary War. Later, he traveled to England and painted small pictures and miniature portraits of the American Revolution. After the war, he then traveled to Paris, where he painted the famous "Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown" and his "Declaration of Independence". Trumbull also worked as secretary under John Jay and helped carry the first dispatch of the XYZ Affairs.

Artist Critique - Edward Zhang

The center scene of Trumbull's "Surrender of Lord Cornwallis" shows American General Benjamin Lincoln, who is extending his right hand toward the sword carried by the surrendering British officer. At the left, French officers are standing beneath the banner of the Bourbon family. On the right are American officers beneath the Stars and Stripes; among them are the Marquis de Lafayette and Colonel Jonathan Trumbull, the brother of the painter. General George Washington, riding a brown horse, stayed in the background because Lord Cornwallis himself was not present in the surrender.

Story Truth - Jas Sethi

After years of desolation and ruin, my men, these courageous individuals, have successfully overcome the ultimate obstacle that stood in the way of their American liberation and ultimate righteousness. That obstacle, that stubborn, impeccable obstacle, that impeded the advancing progress of the freemen of America, has finally been overcome, by my brave men. These men, under I, General Benjamin Franklin, have, with the aid of the French, quickly and uninterruptedly surrounded the pitiful army of Cornwallis and forced their ultimate surrender. The men have finally been liberated from their eternal desolation and now we, as true freemen of America, can finally spread our wings of liberty and soar to the heavens of peace and salvation.

Happening Truth - Phillip Chen

American General George Washington, with the help of French general Marquis de Lafayette, was able to defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown. Cornwallis had mistakenly camped his army on a peninsula that jutted out into the Atlantic Ocean. George Washington saw this opportunity and ordered American troops to invade Cornwallis by land and ordered the French to invade by sea. The French and Americans then continually bombarded Cornwallis' army and the British rapidly deteriorated. Following this defeat, General Cornwallis had to surrender the entirety of his 8000 man army. Cornwallis asked for capitulation and after two days of negotiation, the surrender ceremony took place, with the capture of 8,000 British soldiers. Although Cornwallis surrendered, he was not able to attend the surrendering ceremony due to sickness.

War Story - Phillip Chen

After the announcement of the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, my first thought was one of jubilation and glee. The epic war was finally over, and the poor men of our country could finally come home as heroes. I would be able to tell all the other adults how my son was there when the bloody general Cornwallis was defeated. But then, the saddest news came to me. My son had died in action at Yorktown. I was overcome with grief and my view on the American Revolution totally changed. War is immoral and an ultimate waste of life. I hated every aspect of war from then on, and I could not understand the horrors and sacrifices that a country must take to be victorious through war. What is the purpose of war, I asked myself? Why do humans feel the need to show their dominance through warfare, like some savage beastly race? Aren't humans supposed to be civil, honest representations of God's will? No longer do I see the American Revolution as a great success and advancement of our country. Now, I see it through the eyes of a man who sees only the horrors and cruelty of war.
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