The Art of the Muscle Car

By David Newhardt

Muscle Car History

Muscle cars are powerful machines that are also beautiful to look at. Car makers started building them in the 1960s because people wanted faster cars that were fun to drive that were affordable. Classic muscle cars were made through the 60s and the 70s until the energy crisis made gasoline too expensive.

The cars that were made in this period are now considered legends and collectors items, and can cost lots of money to buy.
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Muscle Car Facts

Muscle cars were built with large engines and mid-sized bodies, usually using parts form other cars made by the manufacturer, You can identify the muscle car versions by their larger tires, lower suspensions, and by custom badges like the Road Runner or the Super Bee. But most all, you can tell by the sound, which is AWESOME!

Car Art

Muscle cars are beautiful to look at. They represent a culture and a time period that a lot of people thought was amazing. It was also the time that rock and roll music got started with bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Muscle cars are now considered a form of art from that time.

The book, The Art of the Muscle Car, shows this. I has descriptions and amazing photography of the most famous muscle cars from 1964, the Pontiac GTO, to 1974, the Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty. The pictures show the cars with lots of details, engines and interior views.

This book will make you want to own your own classic muscle car.