Shout Outs!

Grandy Primary School

The GPS staff dressed in green on Friday in honor of Jordan Lee. They also had a luncheon and raised over $500.00 that they will be donating to the Page and Lee family. Great job GPS!
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Working on Math Facts!

Mrs. Parker's 2nd grade math class working on Math Facts Moo-vement while enjoying Pajama Day for earning 30 Bucket Bucks!

Apple Tasting-101

Learning about the states of matter

Miss Goffos' class made oobleck during their study of states of matter.

Fun at GPS and CIS

Officer Hayden planted a recording of a "meow" at both GPS and CIS. Both staff and admin were baffled for hours hunting down the "lost stray". When plates of milk and tuna did not work, admin climbed ladders to hunt in the ceilings. Finally the truth was revealed and several laughs were shared!

Fairy Tale Investigations

In Mrs. Meads' 3rd grade class students are having fun investigating Fairy Tale crime scenes! Students are comparing tales, looking for clues, and describing character traits to determine whose side of the story is true!

Camden Intermediate School

Ray of Sunshine

Ms. Byrum is always a ray of sunshine for our students, staff, parents, and community! You rock Ms. Byrum!
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Grandy and CIS held an out door movie night on Friday!

Our 6th grade students celebrated Ms. Fran for working so hard between CIS and Grandy!
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Congratulations to Stephanie Crank on the birth of her new baby girl, Stella
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CIS had a Toy Story Trivia Competition! The winners was the Forky Team
At CIS we are celebrating positive behavior. Students are referred to the office for going above and beyond with a Positive Referral. They get to play Pac Man and receive a certificate and a treat!

CIS is also celebrating staff by having a Deputy of the Week

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Camden Middle School

Mrs. Bates 7th and 8th grade classes met with Elizabeth Hall, a NASA Engineer from Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia via zoom. The students were able to learn about how robots are used by NASA to explore the outer reaches of space. They were then able to pick a location in space to visit, design a mission and build their own spacecraft to complete a mission. For Example, one exploration was to Mars to dig up and locate a water source under the dust of Mars. The students also learned how NASA Scientists use the Scientific Method on a regular basis to design, analyze and share their current scientific experiments.
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Rockets Launch

Mrs. Morrison's Class Rockets launch day was a success. Students wrapped up the rockets and moved to drones in the Flight and Drone Technology Module.

REAVES and the leak

A powerful rain storm caused the roof to leak in front of the Media Center on Thursday, 9/23/21. Since Mrs. Sharon Walston is currently working mornings at Camden High School and Camden Early College, Mr. Reaves had to act as Custodian.
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Camden County high school

volleyball at CCHS

CCHS Volleyball Team won the Riverside Regular Season Tournament earlier this month. The Lady Bruins defeated defeated East Duplin, Lakewood, and Riverside to win the championship!
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Shout Out! to the “cheering squad“

Shout Out! to the “cheering squad“ who came out to support and cheer on the Lady Bruins Volleyball Team in their matchup with Northside High School this week. They cheered, danced, and did some hilarious things to support the team as they won three close games against the opposing team.

Camden early college high school

Homecoming 2021-2022


Sophomores Participating in Team Building Activities

Students completing Community Service