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Digital Learning Program -September 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Hello Knox Families!

We are excited for the upcoming school year, and are planning an awesome online academic program for your student. We wanted to take this opportunity to share the initial layout of our online learning plan, and how our Knox team is preparing for an engaging online learning experience, that is interactive and uses the latest technology tools available.

Student Weekly Schedule:

Our 2020 digital online learning schedule includes many of the critical elements of student support that are present in our Knox on-site instructional program. We know that consistency is important for Middle School students. Please see an outline of this schedule below.

Daily Advisory with Teachers:

Students will begin each day with their small group Advisory meeting time at 8:00am (students should log in 5 minutes before, so they are ready to begin class at 8am). Advisory is a core of our Middle School program. During Advisory, students participate in Community Circles, a pillar of our Restorative Practices Program. Our digital community circles will provide a space for students to share, connect to peers, socialize digitally, and to share their ideas and feelings.

We will be implementing digital Social Emotional Learning themes 3 days a week in our grade-level assembilies. The lessons will focus on: Mindsets and Goal, Values and Friendships, Thoughts, Emotions and Decisions, and Conflict Resolution.

During Advisory, teachers will also conference with students in small groups about assignments organizational strategies and positively connect with students as they prepare them for their learning day in class.

In our Advisory program, we continue to promote a positive school culture and climate. We will celebrate student success through our Brag Tag program and monthly themes and awards. Our Advisory program will support our Knox Pillars and the Bulldog Way.

Grade-level Assembly with Support Staff:

After the daily Advisory with their teachers, students will participate in a grade-level assembly 3 days a week. These will be hosted by our Knox Counselors (Ms. Cruz and Ms. Shirley) along with our Restorative Practices Coordinator (Mr. Ponsford). During these sessions, students will continue to build on the themes and skills that are presented in daily Advisory classes.

Office Hours:

Students will have the opportunity to attend office hours with their teachers 2 days a week (Wednesday and Friday) after Advisory.

Student Class Schedule:

Students will rotate their classes every 9 weeks, taking 3 courses at 1 time daily.(except 6th grade PE, and 6th grade elective, which will only be offered for 1 quarter or 9 weeks).

We know that building routine for our students is important and students will have the same classes for 9 weeks. This will allow our students time to focus on 3 digital classes at 1 time.

Digital Learning 2020:

In response to the feedback from our Knox families, our teachers may be using the learning management system called Canvas.

Our Knox teachers received extensive Professional Development in June to prepare for Distance Teaching. This professional development included learning around multiple new technology tools to enhance lessons on Zoom.

These digital tools include:





Pear Deck




Grades and Attendance-Power School:

Parents and Students will continue to find grades and attendance data in Power School online. We will have various online tutorials and live trainings to support our families with Power School.

Registration for the 20-21 school year online:

********We will be holding on site registration in mid-August*********

We will have days parents can drive up and pick up their registration packets at Knox

6, 7, 8th graders can register for the 20-21 school year online

If you prefer to complete registration online, please visit the following links.

7/8th grade:

6th grade:

For support with registration please email or call:

Site Tech- Power School Parent Portal- Kristen Ojetti-

Google Voice-970-919-0119

Elizabeth Harris-Attendance-

Google Voice-619-880-9355

We will continue to send out information to our Knox families via our Knox Social Media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Smore Newsletters), as well as our School Messenger Program.

If you have changed your phone number or email, please reach out to us ASAP, so we can update our Power School system.

Thank you for your partnership and are looking forward to an amazing school year


Principal Potter


Student's Weekly Schedule

Student's Daily Online Schedule: School begins online at 8:00

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Navigate Knox's Distance Learning Websites!

Knox has developed specific grade-level websites to help students navigate distance learning. These websites will help our students navigate to their Zoom classes and office hours, teacher's Canvas pages, as well as provide information about school news and events.

Click here, to learn about how to navigate our Distance Learning websites.

8th Grade Distance Learning Website

7th Grade Distance Learning Website

6th Grade Distance Learning Website

Click the pictures for the grade-level websites

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Online Programs For Additional Support

August Summer Enrichment:

Students are encouraged to continue using their laptops for enrichment over the summer.

Programs available to our Knox students include:

ST Math (in Clever)

Achieve 3000 Reading (in Clever)

Brain Pop (in Clever)

Flocabulary (in Clever)

Support for Families

In addition, our Knox team has created a Family Corner website for parents, which contains the following:

  • Technology support information
  • Library of Parent Coffee Presentations
  • Covid-19 Resources
  • Food Distribution Information
  • Supports for Distance Learning

Parent Portal- Grades, Schedules, & Attendance

Grades, Schedule & Attendance in Parent Portal

To get a copy of your password, please call 619-344-5500 or email

Power School Parent Portal Video-English

Directions on how to access your student's grades and attendance

Positive School Culture and Climate

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Key Contacts At Knox:

Principal-Heather Potter-

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Google Voice- 619-500-6019

Head Counselor-M-Z- Lori Watkins-

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Counselor- A-L- Mary Shirley-

Restorative Practices Coordinator-Jeff Ponsford-

Registration/Attendance-Leticia Alva Sanchez-

Google Voice-619-512-3532.

Site Tech- Power School Parent Portal- Kristen Ojetti-

Google Voice-970-919-0119

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