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Sept 7-11

September 7

Labor Day Holiday- Get some rest and enjoy family time!

September 8-1st grade BAS window opens

September 9

September 10

September 11-end of progress report grading period

Clear Connections

This is A week for block (live T/W/Th times for your students)

Arrival and Dismissal Support Sept. 8-11

Thank you to everyone for supporting arrival and dismissal this week. Please see the attachment below for the duty rosters for next week.
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Morning Announcements

Each week we will be recording the announcements for the entire week and putting them onto Parr's Its Learning course for students to access. You will not need to show these during your morning meetings.

Once coming back brick and mortar we will continue to do this for Clear Connections. More to come on our plan for Brick and Mortar students.

Special Education and 504 Student Accommodation Plans- Sign off in Aware

This week you will begin getting emails that student accommodation plans are uploaded into Aware for you to review. These plans can be printed or you can download them and save them to a file on your computer (your preference, whatever is easier for you to quickly access them).

Please note these documents are date/ time stamped when you view them and serve as your sign off for receiving student accommodation plans. Please click the link in the email to open and review these documents within 24 hours of getting notification that they are available.

If you have any questions as you see student plans please ask a Special Education Case Manager (Resource/Inclusion, PASS, SD, AA, Speech) or myself /Lisa Lewis for any 504 students.

S2H and CC Technology helpful information

We are so proud of all the work you have done and jumping in 1000% with all of the technology.

A few things that might be helpful to you:

  • When sharing your screen-- don't forget to click the audio button and ALWAYS SHARE THE DESKTOP! This way you can share different things with students without having to reshare your screen each time.
  • As you start your Teams meeting and are greeting students (if you can log in 5 minutes early to start greeting students), you might want to project your screen and share a checklist for students to see and things they can be doing while they wait. Attached below is a sample.
  • Having a second screen is beyond helpful so that you can monitor student participation and their needs for movement/ breaks while you are teaching. If you don't have a second screen and would like to get this set up please let us know.
  • If you have not already, you may want to make yourself a checklist of things to remember as you start the meeting and get your lesson going. This could prove helpful in the event we have to pivot back to virtual after brick and mortar has started and we are out of practice a bit with getting it all set up. Sample checklist below.
  • When it is time to change your password--- We are seeing a lag in the time it takes to sync all apps when you change your password. To help--- when you are prompted to change your password do so at the end of the day (after all of your sync time). After you change your password, make sure all applications are closed and restart your computer. When you log back into teams, test and see if you can start one of your meetings. If not, click on your picture in Teams, sign out and then sign back in.

2020 Grading and Reporting Schedule

Brick and Mortar Reopen Plans

We are continuing to firm up brick and mortar reopening plans. Please check our Parr its Learning for documents and resources (under the September Faculty meetings page).

PPE and Cleaning Materials

Sanitizing wipes will be placed in your boxes soon. You will use these to sanitize tables during the day if you need to pull a new group to the table, move a student to a new area, etc. Custodial staff will be sanitizing tables nightly. You do not need to sanitize tables throughout the day unless students are rotating through the same table (ex. Speech, Resource, Art, Guided Reading table, etc). Each wipe should be able to sanitize 4 tables.

Masks- Each staff member was provided 2 reusable and 2 disposable masks. This means that you will may to wash your masks nightly or plan to purchase some on your own. We know that arrival and dismissal are hot right now and masks (along with the rest of us will get sweaty). Some have chosen to purchase their own disposable masks so they can wear those at dismissal.

Hand Sanitizer

With the arrival of our transition students to campus, I wanted to share a piece of important information.

As we utilize our COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer pumps, with fidelity, please do not throw them away when they are running low or run out. We will be continually reusing these pumps and refill with liquid, as needed.

Thank you so much for everything you do, are, and will continue to do for our students, staff and community! You are truly appreciated!

Cleaning Rooms

I know a lot of you have had questions about rooms being cleaned. We are down to 2 custodians on the night crew and Melissa is out for 3 weeks. Our priority right now is the 10 classrooms that have students right now. They are also focusing on the bathrooms in the pods where the students are, teacher bathrooms and office area. Vacuuming is at the bottom of the list. We will ask that all rooms be cleaned and vacuumed well before the rest of the campus comes back. In order for them to disinfect every night, they will have to vacuum every other night. You can help with this by having students clean their area as much as possible.

In the meantime, if you don't have students, you can use your wipes and wipe down the high touch areas in your room. You should have the wipes out and available for anyone who may come to visit your room and sits at a table.

Please email Christina or I with any cleaning concerns you may have so that we can address them with the custodial foreman.

Soap Dispensers

The district has ordered soap dispensers for those who do not have them in the classroom. Those are backordered also. If you have an extra bottle of hand soap at home, you may want to bring it in the meantime. We are going to purchase as many as we can between now and the 14th but they are not easy to find and buy in bulk.

Paraprofessionals- Clocking in and out

Please set a reminder on your phone for punching in and out daily (including lunch). You can do this from a time clock or signing in Kronos on your computer.

Rarely should you need to fill out a sheet for a missed punch..... let's make it a goal to have 0 forms next week!

Don't Forget to Be Working on your Mandatory Online Staff Training!

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  • The CCISD Behavior Support Course in itslearning. You will be receiving PL credit upon completion. If you start this week, you will have plenty of time to complete it with doing small chunks each week.

The CCISD Trauma Sensitive Course in itslearning should be completed by October 8

Don't forget about your mandatory district HR training due Sept. 30!