Go GMOs!

Join the fight to promote genetically modified organisms.

The crops will be more beneficial.

Crops will have longer shelf life and benefit people's weight. Some of the crops will bear higher nutritional values and be safer to eat. Food scientists hope to genetically modify crops to add vitamins and minerals.

Environmentally Friendly in the future

Eventually the genetically modified crops will serve as environmentally friendly factories that produce large amounts of useful things such as pharmaceuticals. If a crop boasts its own ability to resist invertebrate predators, farmers could use a lot less chemicals. The genetically modified technology will help the environment. Cotton farmers have raised it genetically modified and it is sprayed one to two times instead of the regular eight to ten.

Cross-pollination could possibly occur between some types of genetically modified crops and weeds.

Farmers have the ability to create buffer zones of conventional crops around genetically modified fields to give hurtful insects something to eat, lessening the pressure for them to adapt to the anti-pest plant.


These crops would give greater benefits for the world's poor. Innovation is the only way to fully meet the world's demanding needs for foods and medicines in the shrinking natural environment. Genetically modified crops will offer the best chance to address the challenge of feeding all the people in the world.


The genetically modified farms have more promise and raising crops where they couldn't have been grown before.