The Corley Cheer-Community Edition

November 1, 2022

Greetings Corley Community,

November has arrived! I am so PROUD to be your principal! Our community is strong and is the BEST team ever! The teachers and support staff work very hard to ensure that every minute of the school day is meaningful for students! Parents, thank you for all you that you do to partner with us to support your children. Thank you to the entire Berkmar/Corley Parent Community for supporting our Trunk-Or-Treat event. There were hundreds of visitors that attended and we can't wait to do another event with you!

Corley Patriots, thank you for your support of the 50th Day Of School, Red Ribbon Week, the Breast Cancer PINK Out, and other local initiatives. We are excited to make our relationship with you stronger and stronger!

Within each community newsletter, you will find the included video that outlines the great work that we are doing at Corley Elementary. This initiative is called "Donuts With Mrs. Duckworth". These videos will include members of our staff that will provide insight into the ways that we are collectively working toward our Local Plan For Improvement (LSPI)

Please review the exciting updates below. We are #CorleyStrong! We can't wait to see you soon!

~Mrs. Duckworth

Donuts With Mrs. Duckworth (Video)

Corley Elementary will release a monthly video that is entitled "Donuts With Mrs. Duckworth". We are excited to show you the many great things that Corley Elementary is doing to best support your students. Our videos will focus on our implementation of the Local School Plan For Improvement (LSPI) and the GCPS Blueprint For The Future. This month's video highlights our implementation of the following goals.

  • Goal 1.B—Staff and student wellbeing. Promote student and staff well-being through prioritizing self-care, physical and mental health, and social-emotional learning.

  • Goal 4.A—Preferred education destination. Be the first choice of students and families for excellent schools and the employer of choice for educators and staff to fulfill their careers.

You will see our Top 3 TOTY finalists as they detail our implementation of club and extracurricular activities at Corley! A special thank you to Mr. Huttinga for his facilitation of this recording and our Top 3 TOTY finalist, Ms. Brandy Allen, Ms. Keisha Blythers, and Dr. Karyn Pumphrey.

Donuts with Duckworth Episode 1: Corley's Clubs.m4v


Corley Elementary's FIRST-ever Trunk-Or-Treat was a huge success. A special thank you to community members and staff that were able to volunteer and donate resources to the school. We hope you were able to attend as we enjoyed our time together as a community. We look forward to more events like this at Corley Elementary.

Holiday Luncheon

We are excited to announce that the Holiday Luncheons have returned to Corley Elementary. Parents will be able to have lunch with their children and create memorable moments as we celebrate with delicious cuisine. In order to reserve space, we are kindly asking that no more than two approved guests are in attendance with each student. The schedule for specific classes will be sent home with your student.

Tuesday 15th - 1st and 3rd

Wednesday 16th - Prek, 2nd & 5th

Thursday 17th- Kindergarten & 4th

50th Day Of School

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Breast Cancer PINK OUT!

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Character Day!

Building Updates

Corley Elementary, along with other locations, will receive a "glass vestibule" as an additional layer of security for the visitor check-in system. The installation process has started today. With this new feature, Corley visitors will engage in the Visitor Management System (VMS), prior to entering the building. To help the process, Corley visitors should have their driver's licenses readily available upon entering the school building. Driver's licenses will be checked to ensure that the visitor is approved for lunch, conferences, visitation, etc.


  1. The arrival window is from 8:20-8:50 AM.
  2. Students are considered tardy after 8:50 AM.
  3. The car rider lane closes at 8:45 AM.
  4. After 8:45 AM, cars should drive to the front of the building and park, proceeding to check their students in through the front office.
  5. As a gentle reminder, students are not allowed to enter the building without their parents or guardian.


  1. Dismissal begins at 3:20 PM.
  2. Should you need to pick your student up after 3:20 PM, please bring your driver's license to the front office.
  3. We are not allowed to release Corley students to individuals that are not on the list in the online system.

Cover To Cover With Principal Duckworth

As a component of our Local School Plan For Improvement (LSPI), Corley Elementary hopes to be your preferred educational destination. We will continue to search for ways to both build and increase our partnership in the Berkmar Cluster. I am excited to share my love of reading with the students at Corley. Each and every student will have the opportunity to place their completed book slip with their name and book suggestion into a box. I will then randomly select a group of papers for each month, The names will be announced during morning announcements. At the end of each month, a group of students will have the opportunity to read selected texts with me in the media center. I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce my favorite books to your students.

Goal 4.A – Preferred education destination. Be the first choice of students and families for excellent schools and the employer of choice for educators and staff to fulfill their careers.

Title I Parent Workshop

Please join members of the Corley staff as we work to grow your expertise with the use of technology, Class Dojo, The Parent Portal, eCLASS, MyPaymentsPlus and more! This will take place on November 10, 2022 at 9:00 AM. We can't wait to grow with you in your knowledge of technology use to best support your students.

Spiritwear Updates

As an update, spirit wear is expected to be delievered to the school on November 7th. We will ensure that purchased items are sent home upon arrival to the school. Should there be a delay with the shipment, we will ensure that we email the community.

College and Career Readiness

Don't forget to wear your college, fraternity, and/or sorority spirit wear on Monday (November 7th)!
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Goal 4.A – Preferred education destination. Be the first choice of students and families for excellent schools and the employer of choice for educators and staff to fulfill their careers.

  • November 7th
  • December 5th
  • January 9th
  • February 6th
  • March 6th
  • April 10th
  • May 8th

Administrative And Counseling Team

Principal- Ms. Aleshia Duckworth

Assistant Principal- Ms. Jacquetta Baldwin, Grades 2 & 5

Assistant Principal- Mr. Gregory Jackson, Grades K, 4, and Special Needs

Assistant Principal- Ms. Tammy Knox, 1, 3, & English Language Learners

Assistant Principal- Dr. Leslie Retchko- Pre-K & Specials

Counselors- Ms. Joanie Huston & Ms. Dilanie Lewis


  • November 3rd: Mock Election for students

  • November 7th: Corley College Spirit Wear Day

  • November 8th: Digital Learning Day/Election Day

  • November 15th: Holiday Luncheon (1st and 3rd Grade)

  • November 16th: Holiday Luncheon (Pre-K, 2nd, and 5th Grade)

  • November 17th: Holiday Luncheon (Kindergarten and 4th Grade)

  • November 21st-25th: Thanksgiving Break