Ozark Mountains

By: Ashley Hubbard

The Beginning

People have lived here since the Ice Age, being the first was the Osage Indians. The Osage Indians were great hunters, farmers, and architects. To kill they used arrow heads which are a sharp rock made to look like an arrow. They mostly farmed corn. They were one of the first to harvest corn. Their buildings were made out of long slim poles and the roof was made out of bark or heavy leaves.

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Oldest Range

The Ozarks are also one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet! Settlers that came here made secret caves or holes that are still there today. Rocks are known to be over 503-410 million years old! Indians, and settlers made carving in the caves that are still there. They may be a little tricky to find because they are hidden.

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During the spring, or summer the Ozarks become a vacation spot. The Ozarks may seem not the interesting but these are some of the things you can do: Fishing, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, or even swimming in the 5 rivers. You stay in a cabin and theres usually a lake right by the cabin, with the set up of a campfire and picnic area.

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