wasting our wonderful waterby Izzy

Everyone needs water to survive in fact water keeps our oconermey strong most people take care of water and make sure that we don’t run out of out of water but sadly some people don’t care if they waste water. Water comes from a long proses. This proses is called The Water Cycle. There are 3 main stages of this proses the first one is called evaporation the next one is called condensation and the finally one is precipitation.

Next centruary life

In the next century the world will be a different place, water would have been wasted to much that we all would die because of droute no one would survive no one at all . No animals ,trees ,plants that would mean no us. This is what the next century will be like if we continue wasting water. WATER IS RUNNING OUT!

Why do people Wast water?

Why do people wast water? I’ll tell you why because they think it is right or they think I don’t care about the earth .