Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

30 million dollars for Lamprotornis hildebrandti (STARLING)

The sidekick of the evil Mojo Jojo. Wanted for kidnapping three young girls

An animal, possibly a bird. A terrestrial animal that terrorizes the land. Approximately 14inch long and 1.4 oz. Origin from North Africa, Eruope, and Asia.
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- In 1890 New York drug manufacturer Eugene Schieffelin released some 60 European starlings in Central Park. His dream was to introduce every bird mentioned by Shakespeare into North America.

- Now the purple-green iridescent birds roost in hordes of up to 1 million; they can devour up to 20 tons of potatoes in one day and their droppings are believed to be vectors of several infectious diseases.

- In 1960, a flock of some 10,000 starlings flew straight into a Lockheed Electra, crippling its engine and causing the plane to crash. Sixty-two people were killed.

- Below is a map of known sightings:

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If you locate this criminal please contact one of these persons:

Tristan Golden

Nick Kovolchick

Willy Francis

The Mayor