Civil rights movement

By Broddrick Simondo

The strategies the African-Americans used

Black citizens have suffered discrimination and racial harassment. The African Americans began to demand for the fairness in the Constitution they were promised. In the "Little Rock Crisis" there were nine students that were going to a white school "Central High school." And the president Eisenhower send troops to keep the kids safe from the public.

In 1909 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) African Americans were marching in silence down Fifth Avenue in New York city looking for equal jobs and wages. The Highlander Folk School in Tennessee began talking a nonviolence movement with civil rights workers. When Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat on a bus, she got arrested. So Martin Luther King Jr made boycott where none of the African Americans would ride the city buses that lasted 381 days with 42,000 people. The boycott energized young African Americans to support the broader and strategic nonviolent direct action.

In Arkansas nine African Americans students were created and they went to Central High school. The Government of Arkansas sent the National Guard to not let the nine African American students in the school. The public had a outcry and it led to intervention of federal troops.In 1960 Martin Luther King Jr moved his headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The leaders in the Civil Rights Movement used nonviolence as a tool for segregation,discrimination,and inequality. The African Americans walked on the highway from Selma to the Alabama state for voting rights. Martin Luther King Jr was leading the second march to the Alabama state but then lead them back to the church, because he was obeying a federal injunction and also waiting for protection from the federal court.