Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

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Google Ninja Academy

As a reminder, the Google NInja Academy is undergoing updates. We will advise you in the Tuesday Tech Tips when the new and improved Academy is up and running.

Stay tuned!

Google Appointment Slots

You can create Google Appointment Slots on your calendar. This is a great option to set up office hours for student conferences and/or tutoring because it sets aside blocks of dedicated time. It is also a great application for Media Center signups!

To create appointments slots:

  1. Open your Google Calendar in Week or Day view.
  2. Click on the day you would like to add appointment slots. In the popup, select 'Appointment Slots'.
  3. Enter the details. If you want to repeat the appointment slots, select 'Edit Details'.
  4. Click 'Create Event'.

To invite others to make appointments:

  1. Click on the event and select 'Edit Details'.
  2. This will open a page that has a calendar link. Email this link to those with whom you want an appointment.
  3. When those people click on the link, it will allow them to select an open appointment slot. This time will automatically appear on your calendar.


Do not invite people to add appointment through the normal means of a calendar invite. This will invite them to ALL of the appointments. You only want to send the LINK so that they can sign up for individual appointments.

If you need help, let Leslie or Robin know, and we will be glad to help you.

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The Hour of Code!

The Hour of Code is December 7-11, 2015! Already, there are over 97,000 events in 180+ countries scheduled worldwide! Is your class or school listed?

This is an amazing event that encourages communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity - things we want for our students! Just pick one hour from the week and give it a try and see what a difference it makes!

Teachers in GSCS that participated last year reported that their students loved it so much that they continued coding as part of their everyday lessons! What a valuable asset to these students' learning!

If you need help figuring out where to start, contact Leslie or Robin, and we'll give you the support you need! Also, if you plan to participate, let us know that as well, so we can get you on our schedule to come take pictures!