Must-Haves for the first year

By: Kira Shelby

Baby Clothes and Diapering

Baby Clothes

You will need 5-7 one piece outfits. these allow you to change your baby's clothes easily

without pulling things over her head.


babies probably will go through ten to 12 diapers a day at first. Always have extra diapers and always be prepared.

Feeding, Breast Feeding and bottle-feeding

Breast Feeding

Having a nursing/feeding pillow is convenient for you and baby.


Newborns usually start with the 4-ounce size, but you'll need some 8-ounce bottles as your child begins to drink larger amounts. Make sure to have wipes to clean up any messes.


Free-standing high chairs are not a need, but are easier to clean. Bibs with pockets are good to catch falling food.

Baby Gear and Baby soothers, toys, and entertainment

Baby Gear

Having a baby carrier will give you the luxury of two free hands and keeping your baby close to you. When choosing a carrier, check to make sure all straps and harnesses will support your baby securely.

Baby soothers, toys, entertainment

A play mat is a soft map with toys that dangle above babies. Your baby doesn't need a lot of toys, just a few to keep them entertained.

Sleeping, Safety and Health


You will need about 5 crib bed sheets. blankets that come with baby bedding sets shouldn't go in your baby's crib because they increase the risk of SIDS.


Have cupboard and drawer latches. Baby will want to explore everything, baby-proof your house and keep things such as outlets covered.


Have a first aid kit with usual things such as band aids, tweezers and soothing creams. A digital thermometer is also an important item to have, in case your baby has a fever.

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