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Egypt is Booming

Egypt just found another mine that is filled with gold! People are wondering what Ramses ll will do with the wealth. Will he use it for his selfish reasons or will he try to make Egypt a better place?
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These are the most recent gold mines found.


Egypt is going Bananas

Ramses ll just sent 10 of his slaves and 1 of his nobles to get a new stock of bananas! They are going to be sold all over town tomorrow. Make sure you get your bananas before they run out AGAIN!!! Down below is the first market receiving the shipment of these tasty fruits. Are you thanking Hatshepsut right now?


Our merchants who just came back from their trade route got new and improved material for your weaving uses. They were also kind enough to show our merchants how to weave a new stitch for a basket or bowl. These should be out in rare local markets in one month and in regular markets in 3 months. This material is much stronger and holds much more weight than most of our other woven baskets. These can hold just as much stuff as a clay basket and is much lighter to carry. These should be a huge hit and be a jump of success for Egypt. The only problem is that these are going to be very expensive for the first year they are out. Better start saving!
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Leaf Bandages?

The new doctor at the Nefertari temple just came up with a new way of healing cuts 5 times quicker. The leaves that were thought to be poisonous (Sweet Marjoram) are now fighting bacteria and also used as bandages. Instead or with a bandage you can put it on your cut and the sap will fight it to make it heal and scab much faster. Now there is no need to stay out from work because this will heal in only 3 days! I repeat, 3 days! It is about time we find a way to heal cuts faster. Thank Feferni, the new doctor at the Nefertari temple for this new discovery.


The Fruit Salad

The fruit salad is coming to town. Who new putting bananas, raspberries, blackberries and other berries would taste good together. You better start collecting fruits because fruit salads are sweet and a delicious way to get your regular fruit take in. Eat your fruit!!!!
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Weather Today

The weather today is very rainy and will be getting a wind from the coast of the river. Get things inside because this might be the wettest rain season in a long time.

Job Openings

Fertile Land for Sale

There is 2 fields available that are right on the sea! The owner just died and had no sons to take over. This is great land that is already partly farming: corn and wheat. It is right by the water to make the land extra fertile and an already built irrigation system. Go to the website below if you are interested

Noble Position Opening

This position just opened and has many requirements. You need to have at least 6 cartons of gold with-in your reach.

What: A job for serving the king

Where: At the kings living space

Why: Rameses ll needs new nobles

How: apply to your nearest temple


Attacking the king is not accepted!!!!!

Kyaya is a man who has been doing nothing his whole life. He gets money by robbing people. He has been planning this mission for a long time!! He went right in to the kings mansion and tried to kill him with a sword. Can you believe it? One of his guards took the sword out of his hand and put it against Kyaya. The king ordered and slow and painful death of this rebel. He was hung and cut at the same time. He deserved it!!!!!!

Tourists Attractions

Where to Visit!

Are coming to Egypt for a load off work or to take a vacation. He are all the best places to come when you are here. You could go see the three Pyramids of Giza. They will be a shocking and fun site. You can go bow down to Ramses ll. For kids, I suggest the daily life and to sea the Red Sea. I also think you should go to a temple if you believe in the same gods as we do!!! Which you should... Those are some of the top rated places to visit in Egypt.


From Anonymous

I do not like Rameses ll!!! He is so evil and does not even care about his people. He makes it so I wouldn't even care if he died. He is so self important and I am so sick of looking at his face on every street. He doesn't read this, right???

From Giuliana

I think it is so good how are economy is booming. I went to the market the other day and saw so many assortments of things and food. This stuff doesn't just appear; you have to thank someone for the boom in economy. I thank our king. He may be self conceited, but he is doing something right.



This was one of the most wealthy people in the town of Thebes. He sadly died on Monday, the 6th at 10:00 pm. Many people are wondering if he was murdered then robbed? There is no evidence though. He was 55 years of age and worked as a scribe. He was hired by the other most wealthy people and he will be missed by many. He will hopefully have a successful afterlife and continue the journey of his soul. He will be prepared for the afterlife in the next month and then buried.


More School

More and More Egyptian kids are going to school. Now that the economy is growing and Egypt is rich; more people are wealthy enough for school. What does this mean for our future? It means the next generation of life will be smarter and brighter than before. 60 percent of kids do not enjoy it but 98 percent of those kids stay in school until it is time to work. Also, the other benefit is that more jobs are available as teachers.
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