Roadrunner Weekly

"We're Going Places!" - March 22nd - March 29th

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School Mission Statement

"First Street School is dedicated to guiding students to become positively contributing citizens and life-long learners."

Principal's Office

Hello First St. Families!

Here is our Roadrunner Weekly for the week of March 22nd through March 29th. I wanted to begin today by saying that I hope everyone out there is doing okay and keeping things together as well as can be expected. I will continue to send reminders and new info through Facebook and our school app (see directions below on how to add it to your smartphones), as well as an updated Roadrunner Weekly every Sunday. Please know that if you need anything during this time, don't hesitate to email me and we'll provide you with whatever assistance or resources we have available to us. Remember, the district is passing out food for students tomorrow in three locations between the hours of 11:00-1:00 PM, and Chromebooks for those who have requested them outside the LHS gym between 8:00-4:00 PM. More specifics can be found in the sections below.

To help support families and make every effort to keep kids learning, we're providing varying instructional tools for kids to utilize over the next few weeks. Initially, the teachers have just been asked to provide instructional guidance for a two week period, so there may still be time to fill. We continue to encourage our students to utilize i-Ready, read for pleasure, etc. to keep their minds active when their other work is completed. Instructional packets for those who need them will be available here at First St. for curbside pick-up from 9:00-4:00 PM tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd. If you are unable to pick up materials on that day and time, please contact me to make other arrangements. Principals will be meeting this week to construct a plan for further at-home instruction in the the likely event that our closure extends past the initial April 13th date. I know there will continue to be many other questions during these next few weeks. Please check email regularly for updates from our school and school district.

The next few sections below will be links to websites and resources for easier access, so please read through them all. Lastly, please check out our staff websites as I have asked teachers to continue to update them with relevant information throughout our time away from school.

Stay healthy and safe, and remember to feel free to email your teachers and myself directly if you have any further questions or need support or help in any way!

Mr. Cubias

Download Our First Street School App!

We have another way for you to stay connected with school events! You can now download our school App in iTunes or Google Play by typing First Street School in your "Search" window. The school App gives you access to all of our school info. It will also allow you to send absence information directly to our school office and receive "Push Notifications" of important school information. Download our school App now! Also, please contact us if you are interested in having scrolling advertising space on our App.

Roadrunners in Action! Strolls Down Memory Lane...!

Access to Instructional Links

One of the main questions we receive is where to go to find links for the various school learning tools and resources available. Click here to go to the "Homework Help" link. It can also be found under "Students" on our First St. School website.

From there, you can also access the Clever link which I've attached here directly. This is the site where kids can log in with their badges if they use them or with their district email and student ID number (if you need help finding either, please email me or your student's teacher). iReady and other instructional sites and resources can be accessed here.

Another important location to check frequently is the teacher websites themselves which can be found by clicking here. Teachers will be updating these throughout the week(s), so check back once or twice a week to stay current on classroom, school, and district updates.

And lastly, if you are looking for additional resources, here are just a few good ones that can help keep kids active if/when their assigned class work runs out:

- Scholastic "Learn at Home" - Various Subjects

- Khan Academy - Math

- youcubed - Math

- Epic - Online Reading Books

- Mystery Science (being used by Mr. Justice - see his website here for specifics)

- Virtual Museum Tours - Social Studies

- Scratch - Coding Program

Available Technology for Online Learning

From the District Office & Tech Dept.:

"Chromebooks will be available for checkout on Monday, March 23, from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Due to the rain forecast, checkout will now be held in the gym at Lincoln High School (790 J Street). We will have checkout procedures in place to support social distancing and to help minimize lines, but need your help to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are ways you can help:

  • Please bring an umbrella as you may be asked to wait outside until you are cleared to go into the gym to retrieve your Chromebook. This will be for social distancing purposes.
  • Please do not come to checkout a Chromebook if you did not request one last week. If you are not on the list, you will not be able to checkout a Chromebook on Monday.
  • Please remember that a parent signature will be required at the time of checkout.
  • Please everyone - do NOT show up at 8:00am. We have many requests for Chromebooks and assure families that there will be a Chromebook for you if you requested one through your school principal by 4:00 Thursday (March 19). Checkout is not first come, first serve – there is no need for you all to show up at once in an effort to get one. Come anytime between 8:00 and 4:00.

If you did not request a Chromebook but would now like one, there may be another window for requesting and checking out Chromebooks, especially now given the possibility of extended school closures. We will provide information in a later communication regarding another window for requesting and checking out Chromebooks. Additionally, it is possible that another family will have made alternate arrangements and may not check out their reserved Chromebook. You are welcome to come to Lincoln High School at 3:45pm on Monday to see if we have any devices available at that time. Coming does not guarantee you will get one; you may still need to wait until the next request/checkout window. "

Meals for Students on Free & Reduced Lunch

From the District Office & Food Service Dept.:

"We are set for food distribution on Monday, March 23rd. I want to thank everyone that participated in last Wednesday's food distribution. Based on our experience, we have made many changes to the process so it will be smoother for everyone. We quadrupled the number of students we are expecting and we are going to serve out of three locations.

Here are the details:

  • We will provide meals (breakfast and lunch) to all our students who are 18 years of age or younger.
  • Both breakfast and lunch meals (cold packs) can be picked up at the locations below (McBean Park, Lincoln High School, Glen Edwards Middle School)
  • Each student will receive 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches
  • The distribution will begin at 11:00
  • There is no charge for the food and you do not need to qualify as low income to receive the meals. All our students are welcome.
  • An equal amount of food is at each location, pick the one most convenient to you
  • Students must be present to receive food (I'm sorry, this is the law)
  • Please stay in your car to limit interaction and proximity to other participants and therefore decrease the risk of COVID-19 exposure, food service staff will deliver these items to your vehicle upon arrival
  • There is no onsite eating allowed.
  • Please remember some of the meals you will receive, contain items that must be refrigerated within two hours of receiving them. Leaving food out too long at room temperature can cause bacteria to grow and therefore will be unsafe to consume
  • Our next distribution will be next Tuesday, March 31, 2020."

Staying Fit!

Well, Sami's Circuit fans out there, you'll be happy to know that Sami Kader will be putting out daily motivational YouTube videos during our period of school closure. Click this link to his Facebook page to find out how to view the videos and stay connected to Sami...You Got This!

And if you're still looking for more fun, interactive movement activities, Go Noodle is another great site that kids are familiar with through school. Don't let your kids become screen zombies - keep them moving!

Yearbooks On Sale Through April 10, 2020!

Yearbook order forms were passed out to students a few weeks ago. Please make checks out to First St. School, NOT Lifetouch as indicated on the student order forms. You can also click the attached Lifetouch link here to order online as well. Our school yearbook ID code is 13900220.

Enrichment Information

Due to the school closure, after school enrichments are being suspended for the time being. As many of you have made payments to our different vendors, I wanted to share their website links in case they are updating their information or you just wish to contact them directly.

"Vision" Skills After School - Soccer

Dream Enrichment Classes

- Firefly Art

- Early Engineers

"Week at a Glance"

Monday, March 16th - April 13th - Schools Closed!

Monday, March 23rd

  • Chromebook Check-out from LHS gym from 8:00-4:00 PM (Must have notified teacher or Mr. Cubias of Chromebook need prior to pick-up or no Chromebook will be available.)
  • FSS Curbside Instructional Packet Pick-up from 9:00-4:00 PM
  • Meal Pick-up for ANY WPUSD students from 11:00-1:00 PM. Locations: McBean Park, LHS, & GEMS

Save the Date

  • 4/14 - Lincoln Potters Fundraiser Assembly (1:15-1:35, K-3rd) (1:45-2:05, 4th-5th)
  • 4/17 - 2nd Grade to Sierra College time TBD
  • 4/17 - Roadrunner Ambassadors’ Meeting (2:40-4:00PM in Room 17)
  • 4/22- Earth Day Spirit Day ~ wear white, blue, or green to celebrate
  • 4/30- 4th grade Coloma Field Trip
  • 5/5 - NO Band
  • 5/5- 1st Grade to Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum
  • 5/8-Roadrunner Ambassadors’ Meeting (2:40-4:00 PM in Room 17)
  • 5/15- Spirit Day ~ Tie Dye Day
  • 5/21 - Open House - 5:00-7:00 PM
  • FSS choir presents Joust! A Mighty Medieval Musical. Assemblies in AM. Evening performance 7pm
  • 5/22-Roadrunner Ambassadors’ Meeting (2:40-4:00 PM in Room 17)
  • 5/22 - 120% of goal reading incentive movie with Mr. Cubias
  • 5/26 - Moya Whales Tales Rescue Safety Lesson & Swim, and Picnic+, 9:50 - 2:15
  • 5/28 - Destiny Behavior Incentive Field trip 3rd-5th, 8:30-11:30, 135 max students
  • 5/29 - FSS School Carnival
  • 5/29- Spirit Day ~Hawaiian Day
  • 6/3- Roseville Aquatic Center: Moss, Mars, Whitworth, Medina, Gonzales, Lucas, Pellegrino, Blank 9:00-1:30
  • 6/3 - Lincoln Potters - FSS Night - TBD


C.H.A.M.P.S. (formerly known as PTC) stands for "Committed to Honoring and Motivating Parents and Students". Parents play a vital role in helping to fundraise, plan school functions, and guide the direction of our school. See the flyers attached below for more information, and please contact Lisa Chandra at if you have any questions.


Our school district has invested in a great new way to communicate with our families. Peachjar is a program that sends flyers out to families and also saves and organizes them on our school websites for future viewing. Click here to go to our First Street School Peachjar page.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Please click here to view and update parent and student information.

"My School Bucks" Account

Click here to enroll and manage cafeteria accounts and balances.

Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application

Click here to found out eligibility criteria.

About Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have, and follow us on social media! You can also download our school App in iTunes or Google Play by typing First Street Elementary in your "Search" window.