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- April 2016 downline newsletter

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Spring has Sprung & Dream Rewards is Here!!!

New computer? Family vacation? Home updates?

Whatever it is, dream big … because 31 is going to help you achieve it with Dream Rewards!

From May 1 to September 30, 2016, you’ll earn Dream Rewards points for every dollar of Personal Volume (PV)* you submit and for every Personally Enrolled, Qualified & Active recruit (PEQA)** who joins your team.

Accumulate as many points as possible during the five-month earning period to earn a gift card valued at $100-$1,300!

The points system during this five-month earning period is super simple and easy to understand.

  • For every dollar of PV* you submit, you’ll earn ONE point
  • For every PEQA**, you’ll earn 500 points

Write down your goal, share it with another team mate & Lets do this GIRLS!!!


Downline sales were $66,985!!!!


Leanne Garthson $4160!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Lori-Dee Anderson $3615
Joylene Mann $3163
Denise Britton $2139
Michelle Walker $2052
Kelly Sonmor $1701
Carla Eedens-Montgomery $1596
Teresa Dawson $1510
Regan Crocker $1509
Shannon Schwill $1481
Jocelyne Adam $1481
Victoria Kane $1396
Rochelle Wotherspoon $1339
Stephanie Kayahara Conti $1328
Chantal Seguin $1258
Liz Holohan $1257
Kerry Sabrina Fullawka $1230
Holly Martin $1227
Elizabeth Druar $1127
Karalee Emmerson $1088
Ashley Sharpe $1078
Tracey Lee Doyle Hudson $1066
Roxane Bowie $1026
Amy Peacock $1025
Shauna Cutcliffe $1012
Sheila Gallant $967
Marilyn Martin Weber $943
Donna Carlson Kowalski $855
Michelle Curzon $823
Kelly Webber $801
Bonnie Berdan Close $784

Team Sales

Team Duarte (ED) - $37,556

Team Kane (D)- $9,374

Team Mann (D)- $8,430

Team Holohan (SD)- $8,419

Team Schwill (D)- $8,229

Team Peacock (D)- $5,444

Team Shewchuk (D)- $5,331

Team Cey (D)- $4,272

Team Cutcliffe (D)- $4,134

Senior Consultant Teams

Team Seguin- $7,146

Team Schnarr- $7,037

Team Garthson- $6,554

Team Adam- $5,126

Team Curzon- $4,267

Team Litke - $4,011

Team Baril- $3,346

Team Nelson- $2,372

Team Andrews- $1,478

Team Rogers- $1,343

Team Mills- $849

The requirements to promote to Director is to have a minimum of 4 recruits (PEQAS), $1,000 of your own personal PV per month and a total of $4,000 in team sales (this includes your own $1000). Talk to me about Leadership

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Welcome to our New Team Members (joined April 1 to May 9)

Jennifer Barnes - Carla Eedens

Nadine Aljubori- Amanda Siemens

Marie-Pierre Godin- Jennifer Apopei

Katherine Grant- Jennifer Apopei

Justine Rinaldi- Erin Waters

Marny Bissonnette- Stephanie Conti

Kathryn Rocca- Menotah Bolland

Erin Abbott- Leanne Garthson

Debbie Mazzotti- Teresa Dawson

Karen Hill- Krysta Doerksen

Alicia LaChance- Jocelyne Adam

Liz Kendall- Donna Duarte

Jamie Willis- Amanda Siemens

Caroline Desormiers- Jocelyne Adam

31 has an amazing Startswell incentive program for all of you.

Sell $600 PV (personal volume) every 30 days for your first 120 days & YOU get to pick a FREE KIT!!!

Which ones will you choose?

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Congratulations to Leanne Garthson on her promotion to Senior Consultant...Next Step is DIRECTOR!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
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It’s our biggest party of the year – but there are so many more reasons to join us! REGISTER BY MAY 30!!!

Meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and immerse yourself in an inspiring, supporting and empowering family of women just like you!

  • Set yourself up for success with exclusive training from top Consultants
  • Hear from amazing speakers, including:
    • Andy Andrews, author of “The Butterfly Effect,” and
    • Founder, President & CEO Cindy Monroe and her husband, Scott, our Chief Branding Officer
  • Get a first look at the newest products and learn how to share them at your parties
  • Celebrate, Encourage and Reward yourself and others
  • And for leaders only, get special training at Director’s Day

Plus, experience even more fun and inspiration at our special Super Session

  • Hear motivating and inspirational messages from speakers such as the “Amazing” Tei Street
  • Dance along with Scott Monroe and his band
  • Receive a $15 USD / $18 CA Business Credit in your Virtual Office to purchase business-building tools of your choice
  • Get all this and more for ONLY $50 USD!

Prince Edwards Island VERY FIRST BETTER TOGETHER MEETING- April 23, 2016

I had the absolute privilege to host the VERY FIRST BETTER TOGETHER MEETING in PEI!!!

It was amazing to meet Ladies from our team and spend time with them & even got my Pillow signed.

Thank you Ladies for having me & Andrea thank you for being such marvelous hosts & Cheryl for helping out with the venue!!!


Thank you for ALL YOU DO!!!
Tina Turner - Simply the Best (Original Version)