Proposal Energy for Vostok Station

By Kelvin Trinh 5/6B


Vostok Station is an isolated station in Antarctica.It is best known because it experienced Earth's coldest temperature of -89.2c.It was opened in December 16 1957 and is still open. Since then it has been battered by the Antarctic weather.The coordinates is 78,27s and106,52e and is 1260km from the coast.

Proposed Energy

Since half of the year has sunlight and the other half is mostly dark solar energy will not work properly throughout the year. Also nuclear energy is not a good way of getting energy because it could harm the environment and it costs a lot of money. Therefore wind energy is the only option left. Wind energy does not cost a lot of money in the long term as you only have to build the structures to collect it. It also is a renewable energy as wind does not run out. It also does not harm any animals that are near it.

Why choose wind energy?

Vostok station is a suitable place to harvest wind energy because of its high altitude of 3488m above sea level. The average wind tempreture throughout the year is 5m/s which is also in January. Sometimes the wind speed is 13-18m/s but in some cases it can go up to 20 to 25m/s. Though wind speed could go fast whenever in the year the percentage of having storm winds is 0.1% while 11-15m/s winds have a percentage of 1.3%-2.7% through out the year. Fact is the weakest winds are in summer and Autumn while the strongest winds are in Winter and Spring.

Extra upgrades

Due to the ice in Antarctica the turbines could freeze any time in the year. To stop this problem we might need to add a small heater powered by the electricity to make the blades anti freeze. Another factor is how high it will be. If it is too low the blades could hit animals or humans but if it is too high,the wind might be too fast causing the blades to break off.

Therefore wind energy is the best way to harvest energy efficiently throughout the year for Vostok Station. Wind energy is an excellent way because of the location and weather of Vostok Station.