Have you heard about the vegans?

The newest trend is here and everyone needs to know!

People all over the world are trying the biggest trend in health culture, vegan-ism, and they want people to know how much better being vegan is for you and the whole world! As a vegan you do not eat any food that has been living or made by a living thing, or use and products that have been tested on animals. Some of the most hipster people are doing it and using every opportunity they can to spread the word. "As a vegan i never let a conversation go on too long without telling everyone that i am vegan because it is better for the environment!" says president of the local "i am vegan club" Zola Peterson, sporting her 'i think therefore i am VEGAN' tee and backpack made out of recycled trash bags. We attended one of the sacred club meeting to learn more about this not-so-secret health society. In the meeting they contemplated the number of endangered animals they were saving and their daily eating habits. we were interested so we asked, what are the types of food do you actually eat? and a man wearing fake glasses and a army green beanie, mind you it was mid summer here in sunny texas, introduces himself as Edison and explains that they mostly eat fruits and vegetables. who needs protein anyways?!