-Connor Gridley-


Sparta had a 2 kings system, but they also had a "Council of Elders" system that had 28 members in it. The people of the Council of Elders were recruited by the highest social class, the Aristocratic Spartiates.


Spartans were completely focused on their military. They started their training when they were born. If the baby was considered weak then it was thrown off of a cliff. Harsh training began when they were able to run. No spartan was aloud to live how he wished.

Important places or buildings

The Acropolis is an inspirational monument to the Greeks. Troy is an ancient monument where the Trojan war was believed to be held.

Spartan wars

Spartan Siege was a war where Epirus attacked Sparta. Epirus eventually had to retreat and killed Pyrrhus. Battle of Thermopylae was a war between Greek city-states and Sparta. Sparta won.

5 fun facts!

-Sparta was preferred to as Lacedaemon.

-Spartan men and women spent very little time together.

-Spartan men spent as much time on their hair as women today.

-Spartans were had minor population at lakonia.

-When Spartans died, a headstone was created.