Create Spectacular Presentations

"WOW" your students and allow them to "WOW" the class


Emaze is free. Emaze allows you to create 3D presentations by uploading photos, graphs, charts, etc.. Emaze also allows you to upload older presentations and emaze them.

Google Slides

Google Slides is an amazing presentation creator. An advantage of google slides is it automatically saves to your google drive (yes, in the cloud).


PhotoPeach is free and allows you to upload photos such as classroom finished products and creations. Once photos are uploaded, you may set them to music.


Biteslide is a 30 day free trial. It creates storyboards, allows you to upload photos from your computer, the web, and videos from Youtube. You may download your presentations or embed into website. Students may collaborate with the presentations.


A place to create slides, edit slides, share slides and clip others slides.


Visual storytelling, nice graphics and adds pizzazz to presentations. Can be done from your mobile.


Online poster creations at its best. This is not a free site ($39/year), however, if you are into student presentations this is the site for you.


Create a video from slides and photos for free. The animation for the video is great to show off student work and key ideas.