Marine biology

Destiny Simpson

Skills needed

The skills you will need for this carere are a digree in marine science.You will need to be good at biology and chemistry.You will need to be able affectively research with that said you need computer skills and writing skills. You need to be a good scuba diver too.Also You will also need to be close to fearless.


A commonly asked question is what digree will I need .you will need a digree in marine biology.some of the best colleges are swathmore, Gettysburg , and university of north Texas Austin.

Job dutys

In this job you will study animals in there natral habatat.You will anilize animal charicteristics to idintify and classify them.You must be willing to relocate and travel.And for your safty you will need a scuba diving lisences.

salery,hours,and others

your salery can range from 45,000-90,000.your hours will be full time and most likely be from 9-5 but if you are in the feld you will most likly have more hours and they will very.You will work in the lab our out side.You may be in danger depinding on what area of the feld you are in and there is no affical retirement age.Most of the people in this fild like that they can travel ,and you have some freedom.