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The King Is Dead!!!

The king has been brutally slaughtered. His silky red blood was smeared over the walls of his palace. The servants were forced, by the murderer to clean up his blood. Witnesses state he wanted to leave the least amount of evidence besides the body as possible.


Seedfolks is a story that starts with a little girl named Kim. First, she starts a small garden. Then an old lady who's name is Ana sees her and thinks she is planted drugs so she calls her friend to help her check and she found out that Kim wasn't. From there the old lady tells other people about the garden and it grows from there. Seedfolks' author is Paul Fleischman 1997. The characters in the story are Kim, Ana, Wendell, Gonzalo, Tio Juan, Sam, Virgil, Sae Young, Lateesha, Curtis, Mr. Myles, FLorence, and Amir. I woul recommend this book to anyone who likes books told by many different perspectives. I would definitely rate this book a 4 and a half out of a 5.

To: Jeannine

Jeannine you are invited to the King's ball. You must bring one food item and one drink item. You must wear the fanciest dress you own. If you do not own a fancy dress go out and get one. You really must attend, if you do not attend you will not be able to become king.

Your brother,



Locomotion is a book written by Jacqueline 8 and was published in 2004. A boy named Lonnie nick named "Locomotion" went through some pretty tragic experiences when he and his very young sister watched their parents burn alive in their very own apartment building. The two of them were adopted by different people. Lonnie was adopted by Miss Edna, who is uncomfortable with the noise that Lonnie brings to her house and is constantly saying "Hush Lonnie". I would recommend this book to anyone who likes tragedies. This is a book worthy of a full 5 stars!!!