Acceptance & Adapting

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Acceptance & Adapting

Hello dear Ones,

My father used to say, "Make this day your best!" In the presence of change, attitude is everything. Each day, each moment is an opportunity to make new choices. And oh what a roller coaster of emotions and considerations it's been.

What's life been like for you? How is your routine? Solid. Shapeshifting. PJ's one and two. Progress or procrastination oriented. No matter how its going, I say-- it's okay. Change is a fabulous bedfellow to allowing life to be exactly what it is. A new opportunity to be mindful.

If you're like me, there's been a bit of all of these. I will say however, I've aired on the side of structure and accomplishment with a heavy dose of sorrow. I move through thriving with a strong sense of reality.

Couple of tips while still in quarantine and in regular life!...

  • Walk daily. It's ok to walk once, twice or even three times! Get outside.
  • Move. Do "ing" things, activities that shake rattle and roll you.
  • Try new things. Create something. Lead a new cause. Play. Have fun!
  • Unplug from your phone, your computer, social media and news. Give yourself a break.
  • Join me for a mindful 1 min meditation
  • We shall overcome, this will pass, there's richness in the Great Pause. Use this time wisely.

As a reminder... you're invited for a little check-in this evening. It may be our last as the initial support we created may have come full circle. I think the next evolution may be a coaching type circle group or mastermind aimed towards helping you re-frame next steps as our world continues to change. Details for Zoom invite are below.

Join me and my sweetness for our little weekly check-in. It's too windy for an official fire-side so we'll host a kitchen table conversation. Join us as you're able. If you missed any, recorded sessions are also linked below. Glad you're here. Let me know how you are. I do care very much about your well-being.

Love and light, Annelies

Annelies Gentile of Conduit for Change and Greg Whitt of Drum for Change invite you into our home for a community conversation around the kitchen table or fire side chat. Let's talk-- old school with a modern twist!

Join us for a comfy cozy virtual conversation in our home fireside or at the kitchen table. We plan on hosting these weekly as long as they're needed. You tell us... are these conversations useful? Valuable? Comforting? What else do you need? We are here for you. How are you doing? Let's check-in, share resources and ideas for moving through such profound change.

Pull up your computer or phone, grab a glass of wine, water, kombucha or cuppa joe and let's talk. In addition to supporting you along this wild new ride we all face together, tonight, there may be poetry, flute or guitar as we'll share with you what we do best-- helping people navigate change mindfully and creatively. Have something to contribute? Bring your sharing, imagination and feelings to the fire.

Fire Side Check-in with Annelies & Greg

Friday nights 7PM-8PM (EST)
Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 797 574 365
Phone only.. find your local number:

Let's remember our compassion and faith to re-imagine and actively participate in our new tomorrow. Together.

Reality is— everything is connected. We’re never truly “off” from anything else. Change is a constant that which we can plan for only so much. Self similar patterns repeat but never exactly the same. The beauty is— the unexpected twists and turns can provide us with new ideas we could never imagine before. Let's all take a breath, show up for one another and be a part of what’s next. Let's create useful ways to bridge gaps, solutions and solace in the presence of the unknown-- together.

With kindness, love and imagination.... Annelies and Greg ✨

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Fire Side Chat with Annelies & Greg

Gentle Tendings For You and Yours

We plan on hosting check-in chats weekly as long as they're needed. To keep up to date with live video feed and resources to navigate change, subscribe to the Conduit for Change Youtube channel.

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