Living Timeline Showcase

Wednesday, April 27th

Waves of Change: The Civil Rights Movement

Living Timeline

As a culminating project for our unit "Waves of Change," the students are creating digital stories. They have selected a topic of interest from the African American Civil Rights Movement. They are completing independent research in order to create a narrative non-fiction or historical fiction digital story. They will be setting up their presentations in chronological order so the audience can walk through the movement and learn about different people, places, and events, as if they were walking through time.

Art Gallery and Contest

In addition to the digital stories, we will also have an art gallery. The students chose a symbol, theme, or issue from our readings about the Civil Rights Movement and turned it into a work of art. We will be hosting an art competition, and we would like for you to be our judges! There will be a place to cast your vote for your favorite work of art. The top five works of art will be expanded into poster size and will be displayed in the classroom, hallways, or media center.

Showcase Times

Please check in at the front office for a visitor's badge. Then meet us in the media center!

1st Period: 8:25-9:15 am

2nd Period: 9:25-10:15

6th Period: 1:10-2:00

7th Period: 2:10-3:00