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Like a Puzzle, Budget Pieces Work Together to Tell Our Story

The County's budget is like a jigsaw puzzle, with many pieces working together to create a high quality of life. Today I unveiled my proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The budget is lean, sensible, balanced, and fiscally responsible, and it delivers results, including outstanding schools, safe communities, efficient services and a high quality of life. Income and property tax rates remain unchanged.

The budget reflects modest growth. One-third of new revenues goes toward paying the bills and sustaining existing service, and half of new revenues support employees across all agencies. New spending accounts for an increase of less than 1% of the total budget, with most directed toward public safety.

The budget also continues my strong commitment to public education, with an additional $12.2 million for Frederick County Public Schools to support the new pay scale to ensure the best teachers in the classroom and high-achieving student outcomes. There is also an additional $1 million for Frederick Community College to keep tuition affordable.

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