Hawks Nest

Hancock Elementary School

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This week we recognized:

  • Sylvia Mendez
  • Rita Moreno
  • Cesar Chavez
  • Laurie Hernandez
  • Oscar De La Hoya

College Week is coming!

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Helpful Solution to the Morning Car Rider line suggestion by one of our Hawk parents...

Beginning Monday, October 4: we will be opening two drop-off areas to help you get to work and to ease congestion in the mornings.

Choose your option.

Option 1:

Continue with the normal morning drop-off procedure. This is best for kiddos that need help getting out of their car.

  • Doors open at 7:40.
  • Staff will continue to unload.
  • Staff comes in at 8:00 am
  • After 8:00, parents will need to walk their children into the building.
  • Students are tardy after 8:05.

Option 2:

Drop off in the back at the gate on Prestonwood.

  • This is for students that can get themselves out of the car and close the car door on their own.
  • We WILL NOT have care unloaders in the back.
  • We will have Coach Hughes at the gate on Prestonwood to greet the children.
  • We will not have parents past the gate in the morning. We will also have staff at the door to the building letting kiddos in and they can either go to breakfast or to class.
  • Drop-off between 7:40-7:55.
  • After 7:55, swing your child around to the front as the staff will head inside in order to be in classes by 8:00.

Let's see if this helps everyone.

Feedback is wanted, only if it is kind & helpful. LOL

Hancock Spirit Store

Check your School Cash Online Account...this will be available for you all year!

Great Christmas shopping ideas if you want to get a head start.

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Hi Hawk Families:

If you have some time to spare and would like to volunteer at your child's school or even from your home. We have some opportunities for you.

Please click the link below and fill in the Google Form.

As events occur, you will be called closer to the event as a reminder.

Thank you!

Does your child still need a Chromebook?

A SchoolCash account has been created for each child. There is NO FEE, but it allows the parent to sign the Parental Agreement for the device.

  • If you already have a SchoolCash account, the form will appear as an item in your cart. They will click the link to sign the form and it will process through.
  • If you do not have a SchoolCash account, you will need to create an account, add your student(s), and then click to sign the agreement form.

Below are directions for creating a SchoolCash account, as well as a parent letter answering some questions.


Is this a requirement before a student receives a Chromebook?

Yes. This form must be signed before we will issue out a device.

When can parents start to log in and sign?

The item is attached to all students right now.

What about new enrollees? How do they sign?

SchoolCash syncs up with our systems each night. So if a parent completes enrollment (and the registrar completes the process) before say 5 pm today, they would be able to create their SchoolCash account tomorrow and sign the form.

How will parents know they need to complete this step?

We are asking that you share this information with your parents so they will know there is an electronic form to sign this year.

School Hours


Doors will open at 7:40 for students to begin entering. They may choose to go get their breakfast or head to class. Breakfast doors close at 8:00 am and breakfast is stopped being served.

At 8:00 am, our car rider team leaves their duty to begin working with their students in the classroom. If you arrive after 8:00 am, please park and walk your children to the door to check them in as staff will not be outside.

Tardy is 8:05.

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Day of Awesomeness is BACK!!!!

Wow! Thank you families. You are amazing at helping Hancock with this fundraiser.

Mark your calendars:

Day of Awesomeness is Friday, December 3rd! Parents are welcome to attend IF they choose to volunteer to help. More details to come.

School Board Candidate Forum:

The candidate forum will be held on October 12, 2021, at the Berry Center from 7 pm - 9 pm. There are multiple candidates in this year’s election.

CFISD Community Mental Health Resource Fair

The CFISD Community Mental Health Resource Fair will be held on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at the Berry Center from 4:30-6:30 p.m. All parents, CFISD staff, and community members are welcome to attend to learn about the mental health resources in our community.

Lunch Visits ON HOLD!!!!


Due to our numbers rising for COVID 19- we will be holding off on our lunch visitors. We will continue to monitor and keep you informed.

This week we have had quite a few students and staff go home due to COVID.

Birthday Options

Birthdays are celebrated at Hancock during lunch.

Our cafeteria is wonderful and offers the opportunity to purchase cookies or ice cream for the entire class for your child's birthday.

If you would like to purchase the items for your child and their class, please talk to the cafeteria manager: Marisol Rodriguez at 281-897-4523. She will be happy to set you up on the day of your choosing.

This month we are celebrating...

83 birthdays

Females: 35

Males: 48

Staff: 7 birthdays

* Ms. Huynh-1st grade teacher

* Ms. Rodriguez-2nd grade teacher

*Ms. Olvera-PK teacher

*Ms. Smith-Art teacher

*Ms. Margarita-Custodian

*Ms. Sanders-Paraprofessional

*Mr. Baxter-ECSE teacher

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Please check often, as the calendar is subject to change.

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Important Dates coming up:

October 4-8: College Week

October 4:

  • Fire Drill

October 5:

  • 3rd grade Math Checkpoint
  • Girl Scout Rally Night in the cafeteria 6:30-8:30

October 6:

  • 3rd grade Science Unit Test

October 7:

  • Board Room Work Session

October 12:

  • 1st grade Math Checkpoint
October 13:
  • 4th grade Math Checkpoint

October 14:

  • 2nd grade Science Unit Test

October 15:

  • 5th grade Science Unit Test

October 18:

  • Grades are due for report cards

October 20:

  • 4th grade Science Unit Test

October 21:

  • End of 1st 9 weeks: Grades will be posted in Home Acess Center (HAC)

October 22:

  • Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

October 25:

  • Beginning of 2nd Nine Weeks
October 27:
  • Fall Pictures

October 28:

  • 5th grade Math Checkpoint

November 1:

  • Campus Staff Development-No School for students

November 2:

  • Campus Staff Development-No School for students

November 3:

  • Emergency Drills

November 4:

  • 2nd Grade November Math DPM
  • Board Work Session
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Located in the cafe on the stage

If your child has forgotten or lost an item, you are welcome to come in and check lost and found.

Your child is welcome to look at the items during their breakfast or lunch. If you would like to look for yourself, please call the front desk to schedule to come to the campus between 8:30-10:00 am. We will be glad to have a staff member help you search for your child's items.

At the end of each month, items will be donated.

**Helpful Tip: Please label your child's belongings. If we find it, we will make sure it gets delivered to the student.

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