What is a blog?

An introduction to starting a blog!

What is it?

A blog is like an online journal that you share with others. As an author of a blog, you have the ability to make the blog about anything you would like. Many blogs have a specific topic that they focus on, but others might be used as journaling. They are also a great form of communication!

When you start a blog, it is hosted by a specific website. This might be Wordpress or Weebly, however there are many other host sites to choose from. Your host site will give you the option of purchasing a URL domain. If you choose to purchase a URL domain, you are able to have a website address without the name of the host site in it. This means that you "own" the website page. For example, if you blog is called, "The Wonderful Life of Sally" and you Wordpress host has given you the address of "www.wonderfullifeofsally.wordpress.com," you can purchase the URL domain and change the website address to be simply, "www.wonderfullifeofsally.com."

After you have chosen your host site and received the address to your blog, you will be able to edit. A blog can be designed any way you choose. Many host websites provide free templates so that you can personalize your blog. This is the perfect opportunity to create an attractive theme for your blog.

After you have customized your blog's website page, you can start writing! The wonderful thing about blogs is that you can make them about anything you want! If you want to write posts about horses, then you most certainly can do that. After you have completed your first post, you might also want to add "tags" to it. Your host website will have options for this. When you "tag" a post, you are categorizing it so that the public can find it easily. For example, if you write a post about horses, you would want to use the tag "horses." This way, people who are interested in horses are able to find your blog. Tags work similarly to hashtags on Twitter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to remember that anything you post on your blog can be read by anyone in the world. This means that you should not put private information on your blog. Do not compromise your personal identity on your blog as this can be dangerous.

How can you get started?

Activity 1: Create your own blog!

Create your own blog by first finding a host site. I recommend Wordpress or Weebly. You will be asked to create an account and name your blog. When naming your blog, think about the type of posts that you plan to write. If you want your blog to be a general journal-type blog, then you might want to go with a name such as "My Life as Sally Smith." If you want to create a blog about food, you might want to title the blog as "Eating My Way Through Life." Once you have created a blog account and name, you will be prompted to customize your blog. If you ever have questions about customization, you can typically look to the host website's frequently asked questions page. Also, most host websites such as Wordpress and Weebly have tutorials within their website. By taking these tutorials, you can improve your blog skills! For more information about blogs, check out this website.

Activity 2: Write your first post!

After you have created your blog, it's time to write your very first post! This is an exciting part of starting your blog. However, do not worry about making it perfect. As you continue to write blog posts, you will gain more experience in writing. Therefore, your writing will continually improve. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas for your first blog post, try this web link for ideas.