The since team

Galila Ron Fether Amit

(Book cover)

"The since team" is a series of books that tells us about some amazing and exciting adventures that the children Omry and Adi get into. Omry and Adi are very curious kids with a lot of imagination, that's why they decided to use their imagination to understand and learn about some scientific facts and phenomenas, so they created the "since team". But, they don't use the internet or books to learn, They use their imagination, they get into the phenomena and become a real part of it. For example, one time, their family and them drove to a Nature reserve and there, they heard from the instructor, that in the last time, a lot of eagles died from standing on wires. They decided to become eagles and learn about them and what could people do to save eagles life's. On an other time, their mom was sick and they wanted to understand how does the drug (Antibiotics) works and helps for us, so they got into the Antibiotic capsule and they had to fight with the Strftokok. What will they do? Will they get heart from the wires when they will be eagles? Will they win in the battle with the Strftokok? What happened in the other books in the series? What did they become to? What did they do? And, of course, what did they learn?

Mayan Rousso