Fun Facts About The SUES

Hunter G.

My Best Memories At The SUES This Year.

We went on a tour to the SUES and it was fun! We met all the teachers .I saw all my friend in 4th and 5th grade. We even went in the preschool. I remember seeing my friend Adain Ryan in Science lab.

When we were first got there I was thinking how big the cafeteria was. IT IS VERY VERY BIG! At the time the vice principal was Mrs.Brady.But now its Mr.Nurnberger and he is tall!

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Here are some teachers I saw teaching on the tour.

My Fun Fourth grade Memories

i remember when I was taking the tour and i saw the art and science lab rooms it looked fun.When I was in gym for the first time I got so exited because my old gym is like 3 quarters of the gym at the SUES. I was so happy when I saw the elevator till Mrs.Brady told us you can't use it.

When we were done on the 2 floor I thought we were leaving but theirs a third floor! When i went to school the first day I was very nervous but it was not bad at all.The first project I ever did was with Mrs.Payne. We made ice cream mmm it was good. I loved the first day of recess because we could go on the grass and play football. My favorite memory this year was in gym when I was being silly I tried to jump the barrier and I tried on it and fell down and everyone was laughing including me.

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This Is Chris Christie When He Visited

The Bus Is The Best

In first through fourth grade i have been riding the bus but this year it was very funny. There was a lot more student riding because there was no walkers. I remember eating every day. My favorite breakfest I ate on the bus was chocolate chip pancakes.

But I would not bring in food because we got in trouble. A few weeks ago my friend Landen was sitting next to me when he jumped out of the set because of a bug. HA HA he we got stuck on a street once and the bus was on fire right in front of my house!

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Kids getting On The Bus At The SUES