What is it ? IT IS A INFORM!

As a result, the theme of TV-Turnoff Week is "Imagine1." The

celebration takes place from April 24 to April 30. During the week-long

event, TV-Turnoff officials hope to raise awareness about the harmful

effects of too much television.

What is it ? IT IS A INFORMATION !

Each American watches, on average, more than four hours of

television per day, according to RealVision and the TV-Turnoff

Network. In fact, kids spend more time in front of the television (1,023

hours per year) than in school (900 hours per year)!

What is it ? IT IS A PERSUADE !

Robert Kesten, executive director of the TV-Turnoff Network, hopes
that kids will turn off the television and get involved with other
interests. "Turning off the television allows children to see the real
world," Kesten told Weekly Reader. "We think kids will be surprised
with the new discoveries they will make if they choose to shut off the
TV for a week."