Middle Earth

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Middle earth is dominantly populated by men (humans). A majority of the characters described in the Hobbit are either Men or Hobbits. Men awoke at the start of the First Age of the Sun. Considering how long they have occupied Middle-earth, very few Men are known by name. The origin of Hobbit is unknown and all known characters are from the second half of the Third Age. Although Men and Hobbits are the majority there are still many other species.
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Not much is known about middle earth, we can safely assume that it has climates much like Terra. As observed from the map middle earth has many mountains and a high terrain.

How Was Middle Earth Concieved

Middle-earth is the central continent of Earth in an imaginary period of the Earth's past. Its general position is reminiscent of Europe, intended to be similar to England.

"Middle-earth is ... not my own invention. It is a modernization or alteration ... of an old word for the inhabited world of Men, the oikoumene: middle because thought of vaguely as set amidst the encircling Seas and (in the northern-imagination) between ice of the North and the fire of the South. O. English middan-geard, mediaeval E. midden-erd, middle-erd. Many reviewers seem to assume that Middle-earth is another planet!"

— J.R.R. Tolkien

By: Sarah Monroe

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