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By:Jordan bankhead

Police Report Weekly

We have recently found out that Hillary Clinton's diamond engraved platinum ring that is worth an estimated $1,853 at least.
we suspect that it's the work of one of the most wanted criminals known widely around the U.S. his name is Jimmy Valentine, he was last spotted in Manhattan,New York driving in a black Chevrolet Fire Bird the model was 1987. so as of now we have dispatched our best police squad to handle the problems that are now upon us.

Weekly Obituary

After spending "an hour with Abuelo we found out that he didn't have that much time to live.So while were there with him we learned that he was known for his background as ateacher in the port city of Mayaguez, but now he is no longer here with us ...but we all know hes in a better place

Golden Gloves Weekly

today we have Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas in the golden gloves championships where they have wanted to be at since they were seventeen they made it here