Top 10 Technology Rules for Parents

By: Hareet

Rule #1

Do not text and drive. Texting and Driving has caused many accidents.

Rule #2

Do not give your card on the internet. Giving you'r card on the internet is not safe because someone can just take all the money off you's account.

Rule #3

Never enter personal information on the internet. People can track you and find out where you live.
Dangers of giving out personal information online

Rule #4

Obey copy right laws. You can get in trouble with the police and you will be fined and maybe thrown in jail.
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Rule #5

Never tell you'r password to anyone. One day they are your'e friend and the next day the are you's enemy so they can easily go into you'r account and say fake stuff about you.

Rule #6

Do not have a face to face meeting with someone you meet on the internet. Because they can send a rat into you'r webcam so they can watch you 24/7.
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Rule #7

Never send anyone a picture of you. They can track you down from the photo and they can use that photo against you.

Rule #8

Do not respond to chain messages. They can lead you to a bad site and they can hack you'r computer from there
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Rule #9

Be nice and use inappropriate language. People say things on the internet they could never say in real life.

Rule #10

Do not access or publish inappropriate material. Someone can sell you's identity.