A vacation in Maui, Hawaii

by Roey & Josh

we flew from Dallas,TX at august 16( 3 am) .

we landed in Maui, hawaii

Friday, Aug 16th, 10:15am

1 Kahului Airport Road

Kahului, HI

the flight cost was $1000 per 2 people

the 1st day

10:00 am - we landed in Maui. We also took a shuttle from the airport that will take us to our rental car's agency.

10:10 - we took our rental car from the agency, and we drove to our hotel.

10:25 am - we arrived in our hotel.

10:45 - we checked in the hotel. we decided that we are going to eat lunch.

11:20am-12:30 pm - we ate 2 pizzas for lunch in a restaurant.

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm - we were in the hotel.

4:45pm - we asked people what they reccomend for dinner.

6:oo pm - we ate 2 pastas in a restaurant for dinner.

8:20 pm - back to the hotel.

today's total money spent was $1,274 (inculding the flight)

the 2nd day

8 am to 9 am - breakfast

11 am to 2 pm - we went to maui ocean center and we visited the aquarium .

2 pm - lunch at "gazebo restuarant"/

4 pm - back to the hotel.

6 pm to 7:30 pm - we ate dinner in "paia fidh market"

8:20 pm- back to the hotel.

today's total money spent - $120

Walk Through the Ocean at the Maui Ocean Center

the 3rd day

8 am to 9 am - breakfast at "hawaiin restaurant" (we ate pancakes)

10 am - we went to the beach.

1 pm to 2pm- we ate lunch at "cocnut cafe"

3 pm - back to the hotel.

4 pm to 5 pm - we went to the hotel's pool.

6 pm to 7 pm - we ate dinner.

8 pm - back to the hotel.

today's total money spent -$40.

the 4th day (the last day)

8:30 to 9:30 am - we ate 2 omelettes at "lily's restaurant"

10:30 am - we started packing up.

11 am- we went to snorkel.

1 pm - we went to "maui's magical gardens".

2 pm to 3 pm - lunch at "star noodle".

4 pm - we checked out in the hotel.

5 pm - we ate dinner at "maui grill"

6 pm - on the way to the airport.

8 pm - on the flight back to dallas.

total money spent

we also paid on the car. the total cost with the car rental and fuel was $131.

the total money that we spent was $2,423.98.