Crozet 5th Grade Newsletter

Issue #16

Announcements and Reminders:

  • Holiday party - The 5th grade will have a holiday party on the afternoon of Friday, December 19th. Please watch for a sign-up for goodies! We've also invited Mr. Carpenter, our student teacher, who will attend so we can officially wish him farewell.
  • Winter Eagle Time: Class descriptions and schedules are now available. Registration is online only at the PTO website: Classes begin January 12th.
  • Snack Drive: The PTO will sponsor a snack drive to replenish the snacks we keep at school for those who forget or don't bring one due to financial constraints. Send in pre-packaged, nut free snacks beginning Dec. 8th. Look for the flyer in Tuesday folders. We encourage our fifth graders to bring a snack every day and 5th Grade is peanut free.
    • 12.18.14 - Winter Music Program: Grades 4/5 @ 1.10/6.30 pm
    • 12.19.14 - Last day of school before winter break
    • 1.19.15 - MLK, Jr. Holiday - No School

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Since we hope students will continue to read over the holidays, we are sharing some strategies to comprehend new vocabulary encountered in their readings with context clues.
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Decimal and fraction equivalents, adding and subtracting fractions, writing expanded notation with decimals, and multiplying and dividing with decimals was a lot for Mrs. G.'s class to process! We are getting there and I am proud of each and every mathematician in our class!

Mr. Stauffer's Class

We are continuing with SOL 5.2 a,b which includes changing fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. It also involves ordering and comparing fractions and decimals. Make sure to study vocabulary and decimal/fraction chart. We will working on these concepts all the way up to Christmas Break. Thank you for all your support!

Virginia Studies

We've finally finished fighting the Revolution! Students made a battle representation using KEVA planks, an engineering tool. When we come back after break, we'll prepare for our assessment. Students will receive a study guide on Monday and the test will be Friday after our return. Please check out our resources on the Blackboard page, as well as reviewing the interactive notes in your student's binder. The "Race To the Governor's Link" in the American Revolution link is an excellent study tool!


  • Our latest venture is to choose one of the major battles of the Revolutionary War and write a 5-paragraph expository essay (not due until the 2nd week in January) that explains:
  • answers to the 5 "W" questions (who, what, why, when, where)
  • a description of the action
  • key participants from the American and British side
  • date and specific location of the battle
  • which side won the battle Use Expository color-coded paragraph for organizational help. Also use a PreWrite sheet to plan and write down your sources in the "Elaboration" section of each detail.


We're continuting SOL 5.6, our Oceans unit this week. Students will investigate and understand characteristics of the ocean environment. Key concepts include geological characteristics, physical characteristics, and biological characteristics.

Students have discussed the ocean floor, waves, currents, and tides this past week. We will continue discussing these concepts all week. We will be building Ocean Floors this week with clay, and reviewing vocabulary. We will be having a quiz on these concepts next week. On blackboard vocabulary is available, along with a few helpful sites about the ocean. Thanks!

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