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How to Choose LED Downlight for Decoration

Demand in the lighting industry is very large; in the big theme of energy saving, the use of green lighting has become a development trend. This is a good opportunity for Led light bulbs manufacturer to occupy the market.

LED downlight is a light directly embedded into the ceiling, and its greatest feature is the ability to maintain the overall architectural unity and perfection, and it will not destruct perfect unity of the ceiling art because of light set. Furthermore, LED downlights can hide its light source in the architectural interior, making the light source is not exposed, no glare feeling. Only soft and even sight left. Because of these advantages, downlights have gradually been accepted and widely used in the family living room, bar, etc. In the selection of LED downlight, what should we pay attention to?

Generally, LED downlight appearance materials have the following types: iron, cast aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel.
As iron is cheap, so it will be used more for industrial purpose. The time to overhaul of industrial purpose is faster, but also we need to consider how the metal will react to the product¡¯s cooling. If it cannot be achieved, it certainly will affect the quality of the entire light. So no matter it is the home decoration or industrial purpose, recommend to use die-cast aluminum tooling, aluminum or stainless steel. Most LED downlights choose this material.

The main color of Die-cast aluminum downlight is satin nickel, and sometimes there will be a layer of paint effect, which will seem high class. Of course, the price will be relatively high. Aluminum LED downlights have diverse colors: gold, silver sand, sand black, affordable price. They have high performance both on aesthetics and practicality. So consumers will most choose aluminum ones; while the stainless steel main character. Another point is that the thickness of the panel is very important, which determines the price of a downlight. Some bad quality downlights, with the pinch point force, there will be very serious distortion.

Light emission direction
Since LED downlights belong to directional lighting, only their opposite side can accept the light. The light is more concentrated, and intense chiaroscuro. It has more prominence for illuminated objects, high lumens, bringing out the quiet atmosphere. So, we can check the light emission direction of led downlight to detect whether the product is of acceptable quality products.

Lighting path
In general, lighting path includes direct lighting and indirect lighting. And LED downlights are direct lighting, and the light emites by the reflector directly, so the lighting efficiency is around 85%. The vertical depth of the reflector led downlight is relatively deep, deep lighting type, more concentrated beam. There is a certain condenser, allowing high ratio in the range from 0.7 to 1.2.

LED downlight size
LED downlight manufacturers possesses numerous models, naturally they are not the same size, and the size commonly used for is medium LED downlights: diameter 100mm, height 80mm. But usually buy downlights first, and then instal (openings), so typically the size is not much action.