Muscle System

Body Systems Project Part 7

Purpose of the Muscular System

To help protect the bones and move parts of the body.

Types of Muscle Tissue


used in the walls of the heart to help it beat, moved involuntarily.


found in the area between bone and muscle, under voluntary control.


in the walls of major organs and under involuntary control.

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Skeletal Muscle Contractions

This is when Ca2 is absorbed into the muscle, causing the release of actinand, allowing the muscle to slide.


Charley Horse

A (silly name) for an intense cramp or pain in the thigh that can last anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple days. It is usually caused by a lack of vitamins or a hormonal imbalance in the muscle.


A weakness of muscles in the body triggered by actions or emotions such as laughing, crying or fear. This usually results in suddenly falling down or even asleep due to an imbalance of hormones in vital muscles.