Balance of Power


What is the size of the country's area?

Spain is 505,370 sq km. It controls 498,980 sq km of land and 6,390 sq km of water.

The area of a country determines the amount of power that it has over territory. More area means more people, more businesses, and more control. The government can use all the resources they own from their land.

What is the population of the country?

As of July 2014, the population will be at 47,737,941.

Population is a large indication of power. More people that are part of a country means larger influence on other parts of the world through diffusion, more international business, and more decisive votes over decisions.

How well educated and united is its population?

97.7% of the Spanish population is literate, which is the population of 15 years and older that can read and write.

The Spanish are united by the Crown and a 3 branch government similar to that of the United States.

A more educated population means a more informed and thoughtful group of people. Along with unity, the population is able to make better decisions and offer better opinions for the development of the country. The power from the educated and united people produces more successful businesses and worthwhile decisions.

How large and well-equipped is its armed forces?

Of the population available for military in 2010, from ages 16 - 49, 11,759,557 are males and 11,204,688 are females. Of the population that are fit for military duty, 9,603,939 are males and 9,116,928 are females. As of 2012, 0.86% of the GDP was spent on the military.

The size of the militia determines power over a country's borders, outside territories, and protection of the citizens inside. With military power, governments have influenced the overthrow of other countries' leaders. The armed forces also maintain peace in dire situations. More money put into the military means better resources and equipment for the militia to do its job.

What are the country's physical features?

The Pyrenees make up Spain's border with France in the north. Most of the terrain is plateaus and hills. It is on the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Certain physical features, such as mountains or large rivers, determine a powerful border that is difficult to cross. Also controlling a strategic location such as a strait shows that the country has power over other countries.

how productive is the country's economy?

In a recent recession, the GDP fell and unemployment rates increased dramatically. Exports helped create a surplus, the first since 1986. The debt, though, has also greatly increased from 2010 to 2013.

A successful economy reflects decisions of the government and of the citizens in the country. Lots of debt that continues to rise shows a failing economy, and a struggling government. A successful economy is important to indication of power by showing that the country is capable of supporting itself. Overcoming a failing economy and turning it around also shows a powerful country.