The Brave, the Caring, the HERO

The Life of Sybil Ludington

The Existances of Sybil Ludington

  • Sybil was born in 1761 in Dutchess County, New York
  • She was the eldest of 12 children
  • At the age of 23 she was married to a Catskill lawyer, named Edmond Ogden
  • The happily married couple then had one son named Henry

The Endeavors of the Most Heroic Woman

  • Sybil rode twice as far as Paul Revere did
  • She underwent her ride at nine o' clock at night
  • On her ride she rode 40 miles
  • She is known as a female Paul Revere
  • This is because she rode through Putnam in Duchess Counties to warn the Militia

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The picture above shows a statue of Sybil riding a horse 40 miles to warn the miltia that the British were coming.
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This is a picture of Sybil's grave. As you can see, Sybil is spelled differently. There were different ways to spell it.

By: Delaney, Lexi, and Jared