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Mrs. McDevitt's Top Five Things She Wishes Every Child In The World Had

Speaking only of material goods in this post, Mrs. McDevitt wishes every child in the world had these items:

1. A home library of quality literature...in simple terms....BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS!

2. Magna-tiles

3. Legos

4. Art supplies of crayons, markers, colored pencils and paint

5. A magnifying glass

Check out the thinking that is evident on the faces of Room 116 when you put out a box of shells and a magnifying glass. If you don't have the simple item of a magnify glass, then Mrs. McDevitt encourages you to purchase one. Go for a family walk with the magnifying glass and you will cherish the conversations and explorations that emerge. Note: one child tried to hear the ocean and then everyone in Room 116 is still trying to hear the ocean.

Examining Ocean Sehlls


Mrs. Callicott, our college intern, is working with fractions in Room 116. She is using the vocabulary terms: equal, unequal, half, fourths and the difficult word that goes with fourths: quarters. Check out her introductory lesson on fractions using Play-doh
Equal and Unequal Parts: Introducing Fractions

The Excitement Is Building!

Not much longer until the Patriot Games begin. Below is a color image of the t-shirts. Wednesday is the absolute last day to purchase a t-shirt. PRS is collecting a tremendous amount of money right now and if money is an issue, please let Mrs. McDevitt know. We have generous friends who want to make sure Room 116 is ready to celebrate and compete. Mrs. McDevitt sent out a clarifying email early Friday morning detailing the Patriot Games. Please volunteer for an hour and then stay to cheer on Room 116. There was a contact person in Mrs. McDevitt's email to help arrange your volunteer schedule.
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Mrs. McDevitt's Favorite App for Math Fact Fluency

Click below to find out Mrs. McDevitt's favorite app for learning math facts. This app will get you through multiplication and division. This is the app that she uses with her family to learn the math facts.

No Words Needed: This Display From Room 116 Makes Mrs. McDevitt Happy

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The Ocean Layers

Ask us about the zones of the ocean and you will hear the words: the seashore, the sunlit zone, the twilight zone and the midnight zone. We can give you names of sea animals that live in the zones. Just ask us. Enjoy our slide show of the making of our mural for the midnight zone.
The Ocean's Midnight Zone

The Mystery Reader Brings An Unexpected Guest

The stories that the Mystery Reader shared were wonderful. She even brought a book that she had from her childhood that she loved for her grandmother to read out loud to her. But there was something special about the beloved book, it was a fantastic way to transition to the emergence of the family's turtle. It was such a tiny turtle that we needed to find a penny to compare the size. Mrs. McDevitt wishes we had that turtle in our classroom for a pet but she knows it has a wonderful family home! Mrs. McDevitt happened to be sitting next to the child of the Mystery Reader as Room 116 listened to a story. Look at the excitement on her face. That smile directed to her mother is priceless.

Here Is Room 116 Checking Out the Turtle

A Tiny Turtle to Investigate

Community 4 Presents the Roaring '20's

Community Four invited Room 116 to visit their presentation of Alabama during the 1920's. We were given a tour by the students on different aspects of life in the '20s. We were excited (and proud!) to see some beloved siblings during the presentation. As your child progresses through PRS, you are going to be blown away by their thinking, creating and innovating. Go Patriots!
Community 4's Roaring '20's

Community 3 Returns For a Visit

Word is out how much Room 116 loves to read. Mrs. Hampton's third grade class shared with us on Friday a story each child had written. We were able to share some of our tips on using Book Creator to create digital books. Learning across the grade levels and learning from each other.
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Getting Dirty!

Our poem last week was full of phonic strategies that we have learned this year. The students were eager to talk about their outdoor adventures. This has been a perfect weekend for getting "dirt on my shirt." Outside play of any sort is educational and therapeutic. Go get some fresh air. Return the poetry journal on Monday.
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Thank Mister Matt

The next time you are checking books out at the Pike Road Public Library, be sure to tell Mister Matt how appreciative you are that he visits PRS to reads to us. That mans loves books and literacy just like Mrs. McDevitt.
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Information For the Upcoming Week

Mrs. Callicott is taking over the classroom instruction for the next two weeks. The class is in good hands.

Ask your child daily what he/she did with Mrs. Callicott. Remind them of appropriate behavior.

Mrs. McDevitt will be in and out of the classroom but Mrs. Callicott is in charge.

And One Final Picture

We've been talking about her before she was born. We had to wait for her birth before giving her a book that reminded us of her name. Big brother has shared photographs and stories of her. Finally...we came back from lunch one day and there she was! Right there in Room 116! Life is fragile and children are blessings. Don't sweat the small things. Enjoy the treasure you have and let them know he/she is loved and valued! Hug your children and cover them with kisses!
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Early Bird Price for the PRS Yearbook

The early bird price for the yearbook is $45. After April 11, the cost goes to $55. Orders will be taken until April 18. You may order a yearbook on-line by visiting the school website.
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Upcoming Events

4.11 Last day for early bird yearbook price

4.13 Last day to purchase Patriot Games t-shirt

4.18 Final day to purchase a yearbook

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)

4.25: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners - No school for students

4.29: Field Day (Patriot Games) for k-6

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A List of Websites Suggested By Mrs. McDevitt

In case you are interested in some suggested websites. Click on the box to be redirected to the website.

The PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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