Secondary G/T Services

Lewisville ISD Advanced Academics

G/T Course Offerings

Lewisville ISD offers a variety of G/T-designated courses in middle and high school. Each campus determines course offerings based on scheduling and student needs. You can contact your child's counselor to learn which G/T courses the campus offers. If a dedicated G/T course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, the G/T students will be clustered in the corresponding Honors course offering.

Our designated G/T courses are designed with the needs of gifted learners and are highly recommended due to the differentiated curriculum, the utilization of diverse instructional strategies, and specialized training requirements for the teachers.

Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit courses are also available to G/T students. The Collegiate Academy (offered at The Colony High School) also provides G/T students with the opportunity to experience college-level coursework.

Students are encouraged to select courses that are the best fit for their abilities, passions, and interests. All G/T students are required to take at least ONE advanced academics course each school year to retain their G/T status.

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8)

As students transition from elementary to middle school, identified Gifted & Talented students are served through academic core courses, specifically G/T Science and G/T English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR), commonly referred to as LEAP.

Middle School Personalized Service Plans

In addition to G/T-designated course offerings, middle school G/T students develop personalized service plans in order to learn the importance of setting goals, internalize their current self and design who they want to become through setting academic and/or personal growth goals aiming for heightened self-awareness and whole child growth.

High School G/T Services

High School G/T students are provided opportunities for differentiated instruction in a variety of academic classes, specifically in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science courses offered in grades 9-12.

In addition, our designated G/T courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of gifted learners and are highly recommended due to the utilization of diverse instructional strategies and the specialized training requirements for teachers.

GPA credit awarded is the same for G/T-designated courses and Honors or AP courses.


For more information regarding G/T courses offered at your child's school, please contact the school counselor.

For more information regarding Lewisville ISD G/T services, please contact Tammy Williams,, 469-948-8122.