Culture On Terrarum

and How it Looks

Our Native Species: The Etu Chee and Farantala

When explorers came to Terrarum, they met the Etu Chee, a humble native species who doesn't mind us and told us information about the pools of pink liquid. We also met the Farantala, an intelligent species who we always have to negotiate with but they are peaceful once we finish.

How do we interact with both species? With the Etu Chee, we negotiate very peacefully. We appreciate their help when they talk about their culture and they listen to ours. Speaking to the Farantala is hard but we make it. They talk too, they told us about their intelligence nd how they are willing to help, for a price.

How to Look at Other Cultures

Because we learned about the other cultures, it's important to understand how to appreciate them.

  • Make sure to look closely, when I investigate both species (and from the three colonies) I look closely at how they do things. It's always different. Medicus looks more at herbs because they are known for medicine, Alexandria looks at plant and animal life more strictly, and Techolony looks more at technology and software. In Ore Pacificus, we look at cultures and art while our main industry is mining. We combine a lot of the time.
  • Ask the right questions. When I see something interesting or unusual, I try not to compare them to Ore Pacificus because our culture is different. When I was in Medicus, I asked why they always use rosemary in cooking. I do this all the time because I was told to when I cook but I actually got answers and I don't regret it.
  • Just because somehing is strange to you, doesn't mean it's wrong. I always heard that Earth speculated at different cultures and other cultures, that were also different, had different opinions calling what cultures do wrong or right. By definition, is art, the humanties, and intellectual achievement collected all over the world. Just because it's strange doesn't mean it's absolutely wrong.

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